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Islanders share their memories of the 1987 Great Storm

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Islanders have been sharing their memories of the 1987 Great Storm, on its 30 year anniversary.

On the night of 15th and in early morning of 16th October, 18 people were killed and 15 trillion trees were destroyed as winds gusting up to 100 mph hit the south of England, the Channel Islands and Northern France.

Although many say they slept through it and woke in the morning to see the aftermath, others have shared their memories of that day.

[We were] traveling from Gsy to Plymouth in that storm and went via Southampton then train got stuck on rails and we had to walk to where they had put buses on to carry on journey, got in about 2am I think.

– Tania Loaring

I remember looking out of my bedroom window to watch my dads 11ft fibre glass dingy take off, crash through his green house and end up in Rovers football field.

– Richard Le Feuvre
Credit: ITV Channel TV

Our small greenhouse warped and the glass broke, I had to go out and tie the frame to a pole to stop it going over into my neighbours garden. The noise coming down the chimney was terrible, went to check on my two sons and their bedroom was so quiet, they didn't wake. Our 6 foot fence blew down, but what I remember most is the heat as I went outside.

– Angela Hockey

Living and working on Herm Island, the boss was away as was the landlord of the Mermaid Tavern, nobody knew there was a storm coming, the result of which was a lock in in the pub. Not one of us that were in the Mermaid heard a thing everyone slept through it totally oblivious to what was going on outside ... but next morning what a mess the roofs were missing off the staff blocks, debris everywhere.

– Dave Morris
Credit: ITV Channel TV

I stayed up to finish a history assignment which had to be handed in on the Friday, then I saw 2 trees come down. I didn’t sleep a wink after that.

– Martin Godfray

I remember my dad and our neighbour cutting a man out of his car after a tree fell on it as he drove home. He’d probably have been killed but he had a surfboard on the roof of the car which partly broke the fall of the tree!

– Rachel Drury
Credit: ITV Channel TV