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The Accidental Tourist: American who accidentally joined local Facebook group will visit Jersey

Credit: David Bro/Zuma Press/PA Images

An American man who joined a local Facebook group by accident is now coming to Jersey.

Joe Hill, 26, became known on the island after he expressed his fondness for Facebook group 'Good or Bad Jersey Businesses', which he mistakenly joined several years ago.

Islanders have raised over £1,200 to fund his 5,000km journey from Boston, Masachussetts, to Jersey.

After years of being one of the 12,000 members on the social media group, he posted a confession earlier this month.

This is my favorite Facebook group. I've been in it for 4 years now and live in North America. Idk [I don’t know] how I ended up in here but I had previously never heard of Jersey and still only have the foggiest idea of where it is.

But if anyone ever asks me I can tell them where not to get their car fixed in Jersey.

– Joe Hill

His visit to the island will be taking place in Spring next year.