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Nearly 100 fines issued for pavement surfing this year

Credit: ITV Channel

Ninety four fines have been issued his year in Guernsey for pavement surfing.

The figure has risen dramatically compared with last year, when only 16 fines were issued for driving on the footpath.

Earlier this yeara Guernsey deputy called for the Police to do more to stop people driving on the pavement. At the time Deputy Peter Roffey said he was "overwhelmed" by calls from islanders concerned about drivers who mount the pavement at speed, due to the island's narrow roads.

Guernsey Police say while they're aware of the concerns of some people within the community, they want to take a proportionate approach.

Offences can be dealt with using a variety of methods, depending on the circumstances. These include fixed penalties and cautions. However, with the correct evidence, prosecutions can also be pursued through court which could result in driving bans and/or fines.

– Sergeant Tom Marshall, Roads Policing Unit