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Islanders react to Tory 'catastrophe'

Islanders in Guernsey have been telling ITV News what they think of the Tory party failing to get a majority in yesterday's General Election.

The UK was left with a hung parliament, and Theresa May has now said she will form a government with the DUP.

Some people are disappointed, and others see this as another example of a divided Britain.



Jersey's Chamber of Commerce calls for 'open communication' with UK

President of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, Eliot Lincoln

Jersey's Chamber of Commerce is calling on on the States to maintain "open communication with their UK counterparts while a new government is formed".

The President of the Chamber, Eliot Lincoln, says a "speedy formation" would allow Jersey to continue Brexit discussions on behalf of the island.

He added that it is "impossible" to think Brexit developments won't have any negative impact locally, so it is "imperative" the Chief Minister engages the new government as soon as possible.

There is no doubt the overall fall in the value of the pound post-Brexit and the overnight rocky market reaction to the hung parliament, will continue to impact the cost of importing goods into the island, which businesses cannot continually absorb.

Inflationary costs will inevitably be passed onto the consumer, which is not good for islanders or local businesses looking to compete on a local, national and international stage.

– Eliot Lincoln, President of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce

Mr Lincoln explained that a partnership between the Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist Party could pave the way for a softer Brexit deal, especially on issues such as the free movement of people.

That union could also mean continued access to the European workforce talent pool, which will allow recruitment flexibility for Jersey businesses.

Governments confident they can work with any new UK government

Jersey's Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, has said the island will be able to work productively with the new British government, when it is formed.

The UK General Election resulted in a hung parliament, after the Conservatives and Labour both failed to win a majority.

Senator Gorst says the States works to develop "strong relationships" with members of many political parties, and have "productive relationships with the Opposition, including the Shadow Chancellor and Shadow Foreign Secretary".

I am confident that we will be able to work productively alongside any new government to ensure that the best possible deal is achieved for the Island in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

– Senator Ian Gorst, Chief Minister

The island's External Relations Minister backed up the Chief Minister's claims, saying "we expect a high degree of continuity and stability in advance of the Brexit negotiations this Autumn".

Senator Philip Bailhache explained his team have a "network of official and political contacts across Whitehall".

The Ministry of External Relations and Jersey London Office have built a network of official and political contacts across Whitehall on a range of matters and we expect a high degree of continuity and stability in advance of the Brexit negotiations this Autumn.

– Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, Minister for External Relations

Assistant Chief Minister, Senator Philip Ozouf, says time spent working with Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dem and Northern Ireland parties will now prove "time well spent".

Theresa May has said she will not resign

Guernsey's most senior politician also says the island is "ready to work with whatever UK Government emerges".

Deputy Gavin St Pier claims the States have "a wide network of contacts across the UK political spectrum".

But, the new government must "fully understand and respect Guernsey’s 800 year-old constitutional relationship with the Crown".

We will of course be monitoring developments in the coming days with a great deal of interest.

It will be vitally important for the new UK Government to fully understand and respect Guernsey’s 800 year-old constitutional relationship with the Crown, in order to fulfil its responsibilities in representing the interests of the Crown Dependencies.

We will therefore look to engage with the new Government as early as possible, once formed.

– Deputy Gavin St Pier, President of the Policy and Resources Committee

Deputy St Pier added that Guernsey "stands out this morning as a jurisdiction of economic and political calm in world of uncertainty".