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Ronez to be sold for £45 million

Ronez in the Channel Islands is set to be sold for £45 million.

The firm has 76 staff in Guernsey, 53 in Jersey and 24 roving employees, but officials say the takeover of the quarrying and building material firm will not put jobs at risk.

Ronez supplies construction materials and services from St John’s Quarry in Jersey and Les Vardes Quarry and Vale Castle in Guernsey, as well as public and private asphalt maintenance in the islands.

SigmaRoc announced its acquisition this morning and the deal will be put to shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting in January 2017.

Ronez is an iconic Channel Islands’ brand; it is excellent to be able to make this acquisition with dominantly Channel Islands investors and provide an exciting future for the staff. We will be retaining all staff and management under managing director Mike Osborne.

– Max Vermorken, SigmaRoc Chief Executive Officer
St John's Quarry, Jersey

Drop in unemployment in Jersey

There's been a drop in unemployment in Jersey, with 80 people finding jobs in November.

1,310 islanders were registered as Actively Seeking Work last month, 180 lower than November 2015.

Around a fifth of those had been job hunting for a year or more.

Meanwhile, just less than a third of islanders on the register were doing some form of paid work but, due to factors like a low number of hours, have been classified as being 'underemployed.'

islanders registered as Actively Seeking Work in November
fewer people on the register than the same month a year ago.
Figures show the jobless total fell by 80 in November Credit: Jersey States Statistics Dept.

Newspaper job cuts to affect 'pillar of island society'

The Jersey Evening Post has been described as 'a pillar of island society' this afternoon, by a local historian.

But despite their place in history, the islands' local newspapers face an uncertain future - after it was announced that staff could be made redundant.

The cuts are also likely to impact employees of the Guernsey Press, although it is not yet known how many people are set to lose their jobs.

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Guernsey's minimum wage to increase to £7.20

Credit: PA

Guernsey's lowest paid workers will get a pay rise next year, after politicians agreed to increase the minimum wage.

The hourly increase in wages for those over 18.

For employees who are over 18, it will increase by 35p to £7.20 per hour.

For workers aged 16 and 17, it will go up by 40p to £6.50.

The changes will come into effect from 1st January 2017.

Rise in zero hours contracts

New figures show that more than one in ten people working in Jersey are employed through a zero hours contract.

According to figures in the Jersey Labour Market report the number of these contracts has risen by 690 from 5,790 in June 2015 to 6,480 in June 2016.

Zero hours contracts now make up 12% of all employment.

The scrutiny panel for Health and Social Security say they continue to monitor the use of the contracts and will "drill down" and obtain more detailed information about the increase in the contracts.

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