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Views of business owners and islanders on minimum wage wanted

Business owners who pay the minimum wage, and islanders who receive it, are being urged to give their views on what it should be.

The Employment Forum particularly want to hear from retailers.

The group are doing their annual review of how much islander's should earn as a minimum.

They say the government want to know if circumstances are right to increase the wage.

Once the circumstance are right then there might be larger increases in the future, than there has been in the past.

What we want to hear from people is, what do those circumstances look like and when would the time be right to raise the wage higher than it has in the past.

– Malcolm Ferey, Deputy Chair of The Employment Forum

How to protect yourself against scams

Trading Standards have these nine questions to ask yourself to avoid being scammed.

Before parting with money or personal information, stop and think:

1. Did they contact you out of the blue?

2. Does it seem too good to be true?

3. Have you been told that you have won a prize, but not bought a ticket?

4. If it happened to your friend would you tell them it was a scam?

5. Is it a 'special price' that's only available for a limited time?

6. Do you have to pay for a prize or 'free' gift?

7. Do you have to ring a premium rate number? (one starting with '09')

8. Is the business reluctant to give you its address or contact details?

9. Are you being asked to keep the offer confidential?

If you can answer "Yes" to any of the above, then it is probably a scam. So be sceptical - especially before signing anything or handing over any money.


12 month conviction in landmark sentencing

Andrew Crawford Norman Fleming, seen here on the right in the suit and tie

Andrew Crawford Norman Fleming has been sent to jail for 12 months for providing false and misleading information to Jersey's Financial Services

Fleming was sentenced at Jersey's Royal Court today in what is being described as a landmark case.

He provided the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) with false and misleading information in an attempt to acquire a regulated trust company business.

Fleming continually lied to the JFSC throughout the process, including providing false information that he had been declared bankrupt in the UK in 2010. He was discharged as a bankrupt in July 2011.

He pleaded guilty at a hearing on 29th April 2015.

Today's sentencing is the first successful prosecution of its kind by the financial authority, in what they and the police hope will send a strong message that the island will not tolerate criminals seeking to take control of regulated businesses.

This is the first case of its kind in Jersey and the custodial sentence sends a strong message that the Island will not tolerate criminals seeking to take control of regulated businesses here.

– Barry Faudemer, Director of Enforcement

The Joint Financial Crime Unit are committed to maintaining and developing the good reputation of Jersey’s Finance industry. This investigation highlights the beneficial partnership approach with the JFSC in preventing criminals gaining a foot hold within the Jersey Finance industry.

– Detective Sergeant Andrew Smith of the Joint Financial Crimes Unit

Guernsey placed on tax 'black-list'

Guernsey has been placed on an EU tax 'black-list' which classes them as a 'non-cooperative tax jurisdiction'.

The island's Chief Minister has strongly objected at being placed on the list and is sending a letter to the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs to request they are removed.

The list, which covers non-EU non-cooperative third countries, features jurisdictions that appear on 10 or more national 'black-lists'.

Chief Minister Jonathan Le Tocq has pointed out that Guernsey are currently on nine such lists, the same as the Isle of Man and Gibraltar who are not on the list.

He is therefore arguing that the information used in relation to the bailiwick is 'outdated and erroneous' and called it a 'farcical outcome'.

I am astonished to learn that the Action Plan published today contains a recommended list of third country non-cooperative tax jurisdictions that includes Guernsey.

I am writing to request that you remove Guernsey from that list.

– Extract from the Chief Minister's letter

Further protests planned against International Finance Centre

Protesters form a human chain around the site earlier this month

There will be another protest against the planned International Finance Centre in St Helier later this morning.

Earlier this month more than 1,000 islanders turned out to voice their disapproval at the plans by forming a human chain around the site.

Following that protest Jersey's Treasury Minister, Senator Alan Maclean, said the public are misinformed about the plans and that government communication must be improved.

The future of the finance centre is due to be debated in the States later today with campaigners due to gather in the Royal Square at 9am for when the politicians arrive.

They say the multi-million pound buildings are not needed and the only way to stop them now is with overwhelming public support.

Last month it was announced that UBS had agreed to be the development's first tenants as plans continue to move forward.

Increase in Guernsey visitor numbers

Credit: PA stills

Guernsey has seen an increase in the number of people staying in the island.

There has been a 7.3 % rise in staying visitor numbers compared to the first quarter of last year.

With those figures, has been a significant increase in the number of people visiting by sea.

Increase in staying visitors
Increase in visitors by sea
Visitors by sea

Visitors by air fell by 1.4% to 28,980 from January to March 2015.

It is encouraging to see this growth in quarter one which is traditionally a quieter time on the island for tourism. It is thanks to the efforts of our on and off island partners that our season is extending outside of the peak summer booking period for staying visitors.

Whilst we have been able to identify the areas of growth, we can also see where the opportunities lie in terms of driving business travel, visitors who travel by air and average length of stay.

– Mike Hopkins, Director of Marketing & Tourism, VisitGuernsey


Money laundering trial begins in Guernsey

Guernsey's Royal Court

The trial of a husband and wife from Sark, accused of money laundering, finally begins at Guernsey's Royal Court today.

The long-running investigation began in 2012, when the couple's property was raided by 16 border agency officers.

Micheal Doyle, 47, and Belinda Lanyon, 54, face seven charges - which also include possessing and using the proceeds of crime, the totals of which run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

They both deny all of the charges against them.

More than 30 witnesses are expected to be called by the prosecution.

The trail is due to last six weeks.

Drop in donations halts charity's development

A charity that provides nursing care in Jersey says it is facing serious financial challenges after a decline in donations.

Family Nursing and Home Care says it saw a decrease in money left in people's wills last year.

Julie Gafoor, the Chief Executive, says this will affect frontline services, and prevent the charity from developing:

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