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Jersey's 2018 Budget passed by the States

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Politicians in Jersey have voted to pass the 2018 Budget in principle by 38 votes for, 4 votes against.

They are currently voting on each individual item in the Budget.

  • Articles passed:
Increase on alcohol & fuel duty
Increase on tobacco duty
20% tax
Large retailers will pay a 20% tax, on a sliding scale system.
Second earner's allowance will go up from £850
Free university tuition for students living in households earning under £150,000
The States will pay Parish rates on all its buildings

More to follows as it happens


New student tuition grants "not enough for some families"

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Deputy Andrew Lewis has said the proposals for university grants will "not be enough for some families".

The statement comes after plans were announced today for the States to foot the bill for student tuition fees.

Deputy Lewis instigated an in-committee debate on Higher Education funding in October 2016 and welcomed today's proposals but still urged parents to demand for more.

Although this is an enormous step it will still not be enough for some families in the absence of an adequate student loan scheme to help fund the living and travel costs of students.

The proposal is now going to be put out to consultation so I would urge families that may still struggle to fund their children’s education to continue to lobby for an affordable loan scheme to supplement today's welcomed proposal from the Treasury Minister.

– Deputy Andrew Lewis
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