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Committee responds to President's resignation

Jan Kuttelwascher Credit: ITV Channel TV

Guernsey's Committee for Economic Development have released a statement following the resignation of its President - Deputy Peter Ferbrache.

The Vice-President, Deputy Jan Kuttelwascher, said the committee remained determined to fulfil its mandate.

On behalf of the Committee, we are very disappointed that Deputy Ferbrache has decided to resign from his post as President and we would like to thank him for all his work.

Deputy Febrache’s reasons are his own and it would clearly be inappropriate for the Committee or its members to discuss them publicly until he has had the opportunity to comment.

The Committee remains as determined as ever to continue working across its important mandate.

As a result of this announcement, and the need for the Assembly to elect a new President, debate on the Committee’s economic vision policy letter will be deferred until the first appropriate date.

– Deputy Jan Kuttelwascher

Guernsey's President for Economic Development resigns

Credit: ITV Channel Television

One of Guernsey's most senior politicians has confirmed to ITV News he is standing down as President of the Committee for Economic Development.

Deputy Peter Ferbrache, who is also a well known advocate, has headed up the Committee since the 2016 election.

It comes as his committee faces intense criticism to cuts it made in funding for local art and sporting events, but Deputy Ferbrache isn't yet commenting on whether that's played a role in his decision to quit.

It's expected the States will appoint a replacement for the committee next month.

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