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Incredible photo shows Space Station over Guernsey

The photo taken by David Le Conte

A local astronomer has captured the moment the International Space Station flew over Guernsey, at the same time it passed in front of the moon's disc.

David Le Conte took the photo at 6:40pm yesterday at the Guernsey Observatory.

It was an impressive feat as the station travels at 19,000 mph and crossed the moon in less than a third of a second.

On board the ISS is British astronaut Tim Peake, who captured a photo of the Channel Islands from space.



Book to be published about Grouville Celtic coin hoard

Two Jerseymen, who found the largest ever Celtic coin hoard in a field in Grouville more than three years ago, have written a book about their archaeological adventure.

Richard Miles and Reg Mead made headlines around the world when they discovered the treasure, armed with a couple of metal detectors.

Experts were called on to excavate the collection and carefully take it apart, piece by piece.

Since archaeologists have been working on the hoard, we now know it is not just a pile of coins.

Other treasures are embedded in it, including jewellery, such as parts of torque and a ring.

Richard Miles and Reg Mead discovered the Celtic coin hoard in 2012

Around 300 of the 70,000 coins are uncovered everyday.

The hoard has now been moved to La Hougue Bie to be displayed as part of the new Ice Age exhibition.

In the programme at 6pm, we will be talking to Richard Miles and Reg Mead about their new book.

Their book is due to be released on Thursday 26th November.

More treasures found in world famous coin hoard

The ring before it was unearthed

It's been almost four years since Jersey made world headlines after the largest ever hoard of Celtic coins were discovered in a field in Grouville.

But now, more treasures are being unearthed.

Whilst ITV News was at their laboratory, archaeologists found what they believe to be a ring.

It's similar to one they've found there before.

Around 300 of the 70,000 coins are uncovered everyday and they've now been moved to a new home at La Hougue Bie.

Blood moon: Photos from the islands

Taken from St Helier

Those looking to the Channel Islands' skies last night were treated to a rare sight.

A total lunar eclipse took place in the early hours of this morning.

It coincided with a 'Super Moon' - meaning the moon appeared at its largest and closest - and a 'Harvest Moon' - the full moon that is nearest to the time of the autumn equinox.

When totally eclipsed, the Moon became a dark, deep red colour. It's caused by sunlight passing through the Earth’s atmosphere and impinging on the lunar surface – essentially a projection on the Moon of the red sunrise and sunset glows around the Earth.

Credit: Mark Fox
Credit: Susi Gallichan
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