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Festival to celebrate Guernsey's dolmens

Guernsey's dolmens will be celebrated this weekend in the first ever 'Fete des Dolmens.'

Each day those interested can meet at different points around the island to meet archaeologists and learn about the dolmens.

The experts will be on hand to answer questions and will show some of the artefacts found in the area.

The event is free and the meeting points are:

  • Saturday 29 August, meet at Le Déhus from 2pm (there is no parking so public transport or walking is advised)
  • Sunday 30 August, meet at Lihou car park for a 2pm start. This is a walking tour which will cover Le Creux es Fai'es & Le Trépied.
  • Monday 31 August, meet at La Varde from 2pm.


Jersey States give £180,000 for archaeological work at La Cotte

La Cotte, St Brelade's Bay

Jersey Heritage has been given £180,000 by Jersey's Tourism Development Fund.

The money is being used by La Société Jersiaise to develop the archaeological project at St Brelade's La Cotte.

Work will focus on an area outside the main cave at the site, and will work alongside other projects to protect the area from sea damage.

The island's archaeology is very rich and Jersey Tourism would be missing a trick if they weren't prepared to put money towards archaeology and to help in the research and interpretation of it.

We have a lot of visitors come to the island to look at our archaeological sites as it is and we could attract a great deal more with a little investment.

– Neil Molyneux, La Société Jersiaise

Islanders show support for renewable energy

Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Nearly 90% of islanders in Guernsey want the island to develop renewable energy.

That's according to a study by the University of Exeter which found 89% of people support generating electricity locally, by making use of the island's natural resources.

A island-wide survey questioned 469 individuals:

In support of tidal energy
In support of solar energy
In suport of wave energy
In support of wind energy

The questionnaire asked islanders for their opinion on offshore wind and tidal energy projects which included:

  • A turbine wind project, further offshore, mainly for export, likely to be owned by an external investor, and increasing electricity prices by 10 to 20%.
  • A turbine tidal energy farm, using wholly submerged tidal turbines, only producing electricity for Guernsey, owned by the States, and increasing electricity prices by 20 to 30%.
  • A turbine near shore wind project, producing electricity only for Guernsey, owned by the States, and leading to an increase in electricity prices of 5 to 10%.

23% of respondents objected to the idea of offshore wind development in Guernsey.

Only 2 to 4% object to development of solar, wave and tidal energy.

While 10% of respondents disagreed that the island should be more self sufficient in generating electricity.

The study was part-funded by the States of Guernsey’s Renewable Energy Team and the UK Economic and Social Research Council.

Watch: Stunning Northern Lights seen over islands

The Aurora Borealis - or more commonly known - Northern Lights were spotted over the Channel Islands this week.

Marc Mitchell and Nick Bisson took this video on his GoPro. He perched the device on the roof of his house and pointed it north towards France on Monday night.

The natural phenomenon is caused by charged particles colliding in the earth's atmosphere and is seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemisphere.


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