Channel Island companies won't follow EU roaming charges ban

JT, Airtel Vodaphone and Sure won't be changing their data roaming policy, despite changes in EU legislation.

Fees for calling, sending text messages and using the mobile internet while abroad will be scrapped from summer 2017 elsewhere in Europe, following approval from the European Parliament yesterday.

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Phone companies being reminded to inform customers of roaming costs

The Channel Islands Regulatory Authority says phone companies in Jersey and Guernsey will be continually reminded of how important it is to communicate costs with customers.

CICRA says the islands do not need to abolish roaming charges, like the EU has to by 2017.

But it says as part of the process to offer 4G services earlier this year, the watchdog placed an obligation on operators to implement opt-out caps for data roaming charges.

The effect of this obligation is to ensure that Channel Islander’s exposure to ‘bill shock’ (receipt of a large bill generally as a result of mobile roaming using 4G services while abroad) is minimised.

– Michael Byrne, Chief Executive of CICRA, said:


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