Guernsey's Island Development Plan released

The Island Development Plan sets outs planning rules and land legislation for the next 10 years, which impacts the whole of Guernsey.

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Attempts to restrict development in the Forest fail

Attempts to restrict development in the Forest have failed in the States, as politicians debate the Island Development Plan for a third day.

This morning, Deputy David De Lisle led efforts to remove what's known as 'Forest West' from the list of 'Local Centres' - areas earmarked for more development under the Plan.

The Development Plan includes two Local Centres in the Forest, one east of the airport, and a second, to the west.

Deputy David De Lisle argued that the policy would mean the otherwise rural parish could become over developed and the western Local Centre should be removed.

Development and Planning Authority members emphasised that even within Local Centres development would be limited, and deputies voted against removing Forest West.

Deputy De Lisle argued the parish could become over developed

Guernsey Disability Alliance welcome Island Plan

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Guernsey's Disability Alliance has welcomed details of the first part of the Island Development Plan.

They say it makes clear that equal opportunities will be provided for all.

The charity also say planning is 'vital', highlighting the lack of progress of the Disability Strategy when Guernsey 'didn't have a plan'.

GDA members have direct and painful experience of exactly what happens when Guernsey doesn’t have a plan. It means vital initiatives like the Disability and Inclusion Strategy are agreed unanimously by the States but then don’t actually happen, even though an initial budget has been agreed.

– Guernsey Disability Alliance


Guernsey Island Development plan 'absolutely bonkers'

A leading Guernsey architect has slammed the proposed Island Development Plan as 'absolutely bonkers' in a letter to Deputies.

The plan will set out the rules for future commercial and housing developments, agricultural and biodiversity zoning, for the next 10 years.

But Andrew Ozanne says the proposals are flawed and there is a severe lack of sites suitable for new office space, which he says is vital for business

He has been voicing those concerns at a presentation for industry leaders.

Our reporter Rob Moore was there...


Island Development Plan to be presented

Guernsey's Island Development plan will be presented this morning, including changes proposed by Planning.

They want sites such as Les Amballes and Les Cotils to be excluded from the Important Open Land designation.

In a policy letter they ask the States to approve the plan with their adjustments, all of which can be seen here.

The Plan has already been criticised by farmers, who described it as 'a dogs dinner'.

It will go before States members for debate soon.

Too much development 'another nail in the coffin'

Draft plans for where the local centre will go

Plans for a local centre in the Forest in Guernsey could be "another nail in the coffin", ITV News has been told.

Dave Gorvel, from Forest Douzaine, says "we've got to be careful" when it comes to new development in the island.

I think we've got to be careful. This is a beautiful island and every time you start developing it, that's another nail in the coffin.

You've got to be very careful about that. It concerns me that there are so many areas around the island that are not built on and they're zoned for building and yet they continue to want to zone even more.

– Dave Gorvel, Forest Douzaine

New plans for development 'will allow for more affordable homes'

The President of Guernsey's Development and Planning Authority says he hope new plans for development on the island will make way for more affordable homes.

The Authority is responsible for the proposals, outlined in the Island Development Plan and due to be debated by the States later this year.

It focuses very much on mechanisms to provide housing sites, particularly affordable housing, which includes social housing but also intermediate partial ownership housing, and I think that's an important development.

– Deputy John Gollop, President of the Development and Planning Authority
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