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Watch: 45 suspects in child sexual exploitation investigation

Jersey Police have announced Operation Whistle - a probe into child sexual exploitation on the island.

They are investigating 45 suspects, 13 of whom are people of 'public prominence', who are likely to be known to the public.

Watch Wesley Smith's full report here:

Police advise schoolchildren on cyber security

Police are advising islanders about cyber security. Credit: PA

Police are providing schools in Jersey with leaflets designed to make children aware of cyber security.

It's part of their Cyber Crime Campaign, which began in February.

The new leaflet will provide information on issues like cyber bullying, sexting, social networking, and offensive or illegal online content.

Students at all primary and secondary schools on the island will have access to the leaflet, and an electronic version will be emailed to parents.

Children today have grown up in a very different world to their parents. They do not regard digital technologies as anything special; it’s neither remarkable in anyway, or especially dangerous. It is simply a part of everyday life. This can be daunting for parents.

This leaflet will provide parents with more details on the types of concerns their children may have, how you can help them and where you can get additional help and advice.”

– Detective Chief Inspector Chris Beechey


Historical abuse suspects 'known to the public'

Jersey Police have confirmed they are investigating "people of public prominence" in Jersey, as part of their probe into child sexual exploitation.

There are 45 suspects, some of whom are deceased, unidentified or not from the island.

The police say they have received more than 50 reports of historical abuse by alleged victims, and that the increase in people coming forwards is partly down to the Jimmy Savile investigations, and the Jersey Care Inquiry:

13 of the suspects are people of "public prominence", and Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull, Head of Crime Services, says this means they would be known to the public:

This could include, for example, people in the media, politicians, TV celebrities, people of that ilk."

– Superintendent Stewart Gull, Head of Crime Services

Police appeal for traffic collision witnesses

Jersey Police. Credit: ITV News

Police are appealing for witnesses after a collision in Jersey that left a driver "very shaken".

It happened at the entrance to L’Hermitage Gardens, Beaumont, St Peter, between 12:50pm and 1:15pm on Thursday the 27 May 2015.

A red MG convertible, driven by a woman, stopped to turn into L’Hermitage, and was struck from behind by a silver car.

The male driver stepped out and spoke with the driver of the red MG, and Jersey Police would like to speak with him about the incident.

Witnesses are asked to contact Police Headquarters on 612612.


'Non-criminal' welfare issues are biggest challenge for Jersey Police

Jersey Police say their biggest challenge is dealing with increasing numbers of non-criminal "welfare" issues like missing people and suicides.

The numbers in 2014 were 60% up on 2011.

In the UK there are other agencies dealing with many of these issues.

This force says this is putting extra pressure on already diminishing staff resources.

Award for life-saving doctor

Dr Kirstie Ross and Chief Officer Mike Bowron. Credit: Jersey General Hospital

A doctor who saved the life of a person who called the hospital, describing an imminent suicide attempt, has been commended.

Dr Kirstie Ross was presented with the Chief Officer's Commendation, by the States of Jersey Police.

She was working in the Emergency Department of Jersey General Hospital, when she took the call, and was able to talk to the caller, while liaising with police officers.

The officers were able to intervene just in time.

“There wasn’t a chance to think about the significance of what was happening at the time, and really I was just doing my job, but when you’ve worked together with another agency and this teamwork has made the difference, then it’s something I’m proud of.”

– Dr Kirstie Ross

Also commended was PC David Bisson, who worked with her on the incident.

Chief Officer Mike Bowron says it shows the importance of teamwork between the police, and services:

“This award recognises the fast thinking and decisive action of Dr Ross, which undoubtedly saved a life.

“The States of Jersey Police are pleased to recognise this good partnership work with Health and Social Services, and in particular the exceptional actions of Dr Ross."

– Chief Officer Mike Bowron

The award was part of a wider presentation, in which nine other certificates were presented to officers.

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