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Cuts needed to fund preschool education

Cuts will be needed. Credit: PA

Guernsey's Treasury is warning there will have to be cutbacks if the States are going to fund free preschool education.

The announcement came as the department confirmed Health and Social Services was likely to come in £3 million over budget this year.

Treasury says that overspend will have an impact on funding for any new services.

Treasury receives 'ranting and raving' emails

The future of Guernsey secondary schools is being decided this week.

Debate is now underway on plans for a £60 million rebuild of La Mare de Carteret, but there are calls for a wider review of education on the island.

The Treasury wants politicians to agree to close at least one school before the rebuild is allowed to go ahead.

Treasury and Resources Deputy Jan Kuttelwascher, says he's received "40 or 45 ranting and raving emails" from people concerned "about things which are not the case":


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