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Nepalese man in Guernsey relieved his family are safe

For one Nepalese man now living in Guernsey, it's been a traumatising time. He thought his family could have been among the thousands killed.

When I first heard the news, I rang my parents, I called them and found that they were alright but quite scared, they were outside the house but scared to go in the house and the whole city has collapsed and no electricity and water supply.

– Ashutosh Lamichhane


Jersey Overseas Aid to give £90,000

Credit: Reuters

The Jersey Overseas Aid Commission plans to give a minimum of £90,000 in emergency aid for the disaster and is currently awaiting details of how that funding can be allocated.

The Jersey Overseas Aid Commission will be responding to this emergency. The Commission has received several inquiries over the weekend including one from the Disasters Emergency Committee who the Commission anticipates will be launching an appeal shortly. As with all emergency responses it can take a period of time to assess needs in order that priorities can be addressed.

Whilst communication at present in the affected areas is very difficult, it is crucial that agencies work in a controlled and coordinated way to ensure that the most pressing of needs are met as soon as possible. Further information on the grants awarded will be released once the Commission has considered all applications submitted. It does anticipate however announcing its decisions shortly.

– Deputy Carolyn Labey, Chairman

Three islanders caught up in quake

Leonie Herve (left) - Sheri Burt (right) Credit: Facebook

At least three Channel Islanders are safe and well after being caught up in the earthquake in Nepal, which is known to have killed more than 3,000 people. It’s the country's worst earthquake disaster in over 80 years. A powerful aftershock triggered more avalanches in the Everest region. Response teams and medical supplies have begun arriving in the country.

Sheri Burt is a Dance Artist and teacher from Jersey. She’s in Nepal training as a yoga teacher.

She posted on Facebook “Hey friends and family, u may have heard there has been a 7.9 earthquake a couple of hours ago where I'm at in Nepal. There has been a lot of destruction. I'm ok just praying everyone else is right now. Not sure what the plan is. Terrifying, just praying for stability now. Love to you xxxx”

Sheri Burt is in Nepal training as a yoga teacher. Credit: Facebook

Leonie Herve from Grouville (below) is also in the country. She’s staying in Pokhara.

Leonie Herve from Grouville is in Pokhara. Credit: Facebook

Christine Smale from Jersey is also in Nepal and is safe and well. Her friend Steve Seviour said she went out a week on Saturday and is safe. He said, "She managed to miss both the earthquake and avalanche luckily. All the party she is with are giving blood today."

Christine Smale from Jersey is also in Nepal Credit: Facebook

Charity worker Sarah Griffith from Guernsey is trying to raise money to help those in the country and also plans to go there and help if needed.

I have to raise at least £10,000 in a working fund to make it realistic to go there and do something worthwhile. I have already met with a Nepalese man who lives here in Guernsey who could accompany me there and knows the terrain. I have had requests from an orphanage that needs help and another community as well where they have lost many houses.

– Sarah Griffiths, charity worker
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