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Manager of Sark Electricity says commissioner's recommendations tell "story of betrayal"

Credit: ITV Channel TV

David Gordon-Brown, the manager of Sark Electricity, says the recommendation by the island's first electricity regular to reduce electricity prices tells "a story of betrayal".

For the past eight years the people of Sark have been betrayed by a committee of incomers with so little understanding of Sark that they expect Electricity Prices here to be comparable to their experience in the UK.

Now the Company has been betrayed by a commissioner with so little understanding of Sark that he expects the costs of producing electricity here to be comparable to his experience in the UK.

– David Gordon-Brown, Manager of Sark Electricity

Sark Police appeal after man attempts to attack children

Library pictures Credit: ITV Channel TV

A man attempted to attack two children at the cross roads by Clos a Jaon yesterday at 5:25pm.

He is described as approximately 5'6" and is thought to have been wearing a red and silver jacket, dark trousers and wielding a brown stick with a gold top.

Sark Police say the man is still on the island. They are asking for anyone with any knowledge of the incident to contact them on 01481 832 533.

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