More pesticides found in Jersey water

Credit: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / DPA/Press Association Images

More pesticides are being found in water in Jersey after tests by the Environment Department, with recorded levels of Oxadixyl increasing.

Ongoing monitoring of streams and reservoirs is being carried out after pesticides were detected earlier this year.

The Environment Department says the increase in Oxadixyl is expected with the drier summer months approaching, and that the drinking water is still safe.

But Deputy Steve Luce says pesticides previously found in the west of the island have now been picked up in Queen’s Valley and Grand Vaux reservoirs in the east.

As the drier months approach, one challenge will be that the streams and reservoirs will be less diluted by rainfall and Jersey Water may find it more difficult to blend water to keep pesticide levels below the precautionary standard of 0.1 micrograms a litre, so I shall be talking to Jersey Water to consider our next steps in the light of this.

– Deputy Steve Luce, Minister for the Environment