Charities raise awareness of key years in a child's development

Educators and charities in Jersey have been highlighting the early years of a child's life which are key to their welfare and development.

The '1001 Critical Days' programme refers to the first three years in a child's life, an important period for building a child's self esteem and educational attainment in the future.

It is ahead of National Children's Day on Sunday, with events being held to educate islanders about building a healthy family.

Ruth Brunton, CEO of Brighter Futures, describes how each day is important in a child's development.

If a child has the right love, support and care, attachments develop, relationships develop and they're the springboard for the rest of the child's life, to form good strong relationships going forward.

And to know that you're loved and cared for no matter what is really important to a child's self esteem, their self confidence, to their future educational attainment and their future life chances.

– Ruth Brunton, CEO of Brighter Futures
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