Debate on Jersey Bailiff's dual role delayed

The debate on the dual role of Jersey's Bailiff has been delayed.

Deputy Montfort Tadier says it's to allow time for ministers to hear back from a panel who have been working on an advisory paper over summer.

Traditionally, the Bailiff presides over States sittings and is the island's Chief Judge, but critics say it compromises the idea of the separation of powers.

This is a delay, not a withdrawal of the proposition, which I anticipate will be debate within the next 5 weeks. Jersey stands at a crossroads between going forward and embracing long overdue, basic democratic reforms or going backwards. With this in mind, I have been keen to allow ‘cross bench’ work to take place on the issue, and to work closely with the Chief Minister on this particular issue, which we both now see as urgent.

– Deputy Montfort Tadier
Credit: ITV Channel TV