Deputy Andrew Lewis censured by the States

Deputy Andrew Lewis has been censured by the States, after breaking the Assembly's code of conduct.

It follows accusations he had lied to the States while he was Home Affairs Minister in 2008, and later to the Jersey Care Inquiry.

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Deputy Lewis resigns from Public Accounts Committee

Deputy Andrew Lewis (of St Helier) has resigned as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, after a vote of censure was passed in the States.

Twenty-nine members voted in favour of the vote of censure after the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry said Deputy Lewis had lied to the inquiry and to the States over comments regarding the suspension of a Police Chief in 2008.

He said he "emphatically denies" the allegations, but accepted the comments were "less than ideal".

The latest development follows the resignation of two Jersey politicians from the same committee, who said they 'no longer have confidence' in Deputy Lewis.

Constable Simon Crowcroft and Deputy Judy Martin gave notice of their resignation from the Public Accounts Committee to the Bailiff last month.

Deputy Lewis has formerly written to the Bailiff offering his resignation from the Public Accounts Committee.

In early July I stepped aside from the Public Accounts Committee, in order to maintain the integrity of the PAC and so that I could concentrate on co-operating with the Privileges and Procedures Committee (PPC). I delegated the Chairman’s responsibilities and duties to the Vice-Chairman, so that the important work of the PAC could continue unhindered. I told my Committee that if the PPC found against me and the Vote of Censure was carried, I would resign my position as Chairman of the PAC.

Yesterday the Assembly spoke and the PPC’s Vote of Censure was carried. I therefore honour the promise made to my Committee and I have written to the Bailiff today offering my resignation as Chairman of the PAC.

– Deputy Andrew Lewis

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