Aurigny plane collides with catering vehicle at Manchester Airport

Credit: Scott Grayson

There are delays to Aurigny flights to and from the UK today, after one of its aircraft was damaged at Manchester Airport.

The plane collided with a catering vehicle while on the runway.

Aurigny says the aircraft was being handled by a third party agent, and the incident is being investigated by airport authorities.

As a result, there will be the following changes to services:

  • Guernsey-East Midlands - Estimated departure time (EDT)15.10
  • East Midlands-Guernsey – EDT 16.55
  • Guernsey-Gatwick - EDT 19.45
  • Gatwick-Guernsey EDT 20.15

Aurigny has apologised to passengers for the disruption.

An assessment found the damage to the aircraft was minor and it is returning to Guernsey, the company have said.

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