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Islanders urged to take care after red weather warnings issued

Credit: Jersey Met

Islanders are being asked to take care when out and about, after red weather warnings have been issued by Jersey Met.

Winds are expected to reach Storm Force 10 later, and high tides will see water come over the sea walls along Jersey's South coast and Guernsey's West coast during this evening's high tide.

Flooding could even occur during tomorrow morning's high tide at 7:03am.



Jersey residents advised to secure garden furniture ahead of windy weekend

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey Fire & Rescue is warning people to ensure all garden furniture, sheds and trampolines are secured ahead of the weekend's weather warnings.

It comes as Storm Brian is set to hit the Channel Islands.

Flood warning for Guernsey's coastline

A combination of very windy conditions and high spring tides is expected to cause flooding along Guernsey's coastline.

This evening's high tide at 7pm and Force 6-8 winds will combine to bring disruption to the east of the island.

Tomorrow morning's high tide at 7:15am is also likely to bring similar conditions to the island's west coast.

Drivers and pedestrians using coast roads and footpaths are being advised to take extreme care, as conditions are likely to be hazardous.

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