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Soaring Aldi profits put rivals on their toes

Budget supermarket Aldi has announced soaring profits as shoppers are lured in by its low prices and improved quality.

The company saw 1 million new customers in 2013 and opened will open 54 stores by the end of this year.

The company's rapid expansion plans means it intends to have 1,000 UK stores by 2021, reinforcing its status as a major player in the grocery market.

ITV News Correspondent Neil Connery reports.

'New low' for fuel costs as supermarkets cut prices

Supermarkets are cutting the price of fuel to a "new low" in a welcome boost to motorists.

Sainsbury's has announced that from tomorrow it will be cutting the price of petrol and diesel by up to 5p a litre.

Motorists could enjoy the lowest prices since 2010, the RAC said. Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Asda has followed suit and from tomorrow its petrol will be 1p per litre cheaper, while diesel will be down 2p per litre.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said the reductions would "take us to a new low, the likes of which we haven't seen since late 2010".

According to the AA, a 5p per litre cut in petrol prices equates to £2.50 off the cost of filling a typical fuel tank.


Beko safety boss grilled over 'slow' response to fires

A representative from white goods manufacturer Beko said the company would "look at what we need to do" after ITV News Consumer Editor questioned him about the fire risk posed by hundreds of thousands of fridge-freezers.

Beko's UK quality manager Andrew Mullen said the company would review the findings of today's inquest into the 2010 death of Santosh Benjamin Muthiah.

However, he refused to discuss claims Beko had been slow to respond to the issue, after it was first reported as early as 2003.

Beko: We acted appropriately over faulty appliances

Appliance manufacturer Beko says its staff acted appropriately at all times after an inquest ruled one of its faulty fridge-freezers had caused a fire that killed a father of two.

Hundreds of thousands of Beko appliances were thought to be affected by the fault. Credit: PA

In a statement following the ruling, Beko said it had extended condolences to the family of Santosh Benjamin Muthiah and insisted it has sent out thousands of letters, made house calls and placed adverts to try to trace products containing the same faults.

This incident involved a model of frost-free fridge-freezer that has not been in production since 2006. None of our current range of appliances are affected by the issues in this case.


The company said it is "still working to located any affected older appliances that may be in use".

Anyone with concerns about a Beko fridge freezer can call the company on 0800 917 2018 or see the advice on this Beko website.


Which Beko fridge-freezers are at risk from fire fault?

Appliances manufacturer Beko has urged anyone with a certain range of fridge-freezers to get in contact over a fault that can cause it to catch fire.

The affected frost-free models were produced between January 2000 and October 2006 and have serial numbers beginning with either 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 or 06.

The affected Beko fridge-freezer model numbers. Credit: Beko

Beko says it has visited more than 580,000 homes and modified over 197,884 units.

The company estimates 214,851 of the affected 492,000 units are no longer in use. That leaves nearly 80,000 unaccounted for and potentially in homes across the UK.

Anyone with concerns about a Beko fridge freezer can call the company on 0800 917 2018 or see the advice on this Beko website.

Fridge-freezer caused fatal fire while family slept

A coroner will urge the Government to overhaul consumer safety standards after a father who was able to save his two children died from a fire caused by a faulty fridge-freezer.

Santosh Benjamin Muthiah died in 2010.

The man who died, Santosh Benjamin Muthiah, owned a type of appliance that had caused fires as far back as 2003.

An inquest found that the Beko fridge-freezer caught fire while the family slept.

Mr Benjamin helped his young children escape but later died from the fumes.

Coroner Andrew Walker today accepted wide-ranging recommendations put forward by Hertfordshire Trading Standards and London Fire Brigade about the way in which safety problems are recorded and how irresponsible manufacturers should be punished.

Lawyers representing Mr Muthiah's family said the changes "would stop manufacturers keeping safety issues secret" and force them to take action.

Blaze widow: We trusted faulty freezer would be safe

A widow has called for manufacturers and retailers to be more accountable after a faulty Beko fridge-freezer led to a house fire that killed her husband.

Santosh Benjamin Muthiah died in the 2010 blaze in Wealdstone.

Jennifer Benjamin said she and husband Santosh had "trusted the manufacturer for a safe product" and criticised the response to safety concerns.

"Manufacturers, producers and their retailers should be held more accountable for their actions, or their lack of response to consumer safety concerns. The value of a human life is priceless," she said.

Mrs Benjamin paid tribute to her husband as a respected professional and a doting father to the two children he died trying to save.

When he married me, I was a very reserved and quiet Indian girl. He has left me a brave widow. Not a day passes by where we do not think or speak about him.

– Jennifer Benjamin

Beko says it is confident it and its staff acted appropriately at all times.

Household appliances 'should be redesigned' after fire

A coroner has called for a redesign of household appliances to reduce the risk of fires after an inquest found a Beko fridge-freezer was the likely cause of a deadly blaze in a London home.

Consumer Editor Chris Choi reports from the inquest:

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