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Fake goats cheese made from sheep's milk found on sale in supermarkets

Fake goats cheese has been found to be on sale Credit: PA Wire

Fake goats cheese made from sheep's milk has been found on sale in supermarkets following a shortage of milk from the animals.

Consumer group Which? commissioned tests on 76 goats cheese samples from supermarkets, delis and markets sold at eight UK locations.

In six cases, half or more of the product was found to be sheep's cheese.

Three of these contained more than 80% sheep's cheese, three contained more than 50%, while three other cheeses contained smaller amounts - around 5%.

Which? said it would be following up its findings with the companies involved and the Food Standards Agency.



Badger cull restarts in Somerset and Gloucestershire

A second year of badger culling has begun in Somerset and Gloucestershire. The controversial four-year scheme is part of measures to prevent the spread of bovine TB in cattle.

Badgers are being culled in areas where TB is rife Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

This is vital for the future of our beef and dairy industries, and our nation's food security. At present we have the highest rates of bovine TB in Europe. Doing nothing is not an option and that is why we are taking a responsible approach to dealing with bovine TB.

– Elizabeth Truss, Environment Secretary

Last year 921 badgers were killed in Gloucestershire and 940 were shot in Somerset. Neither pilot managed to kill the 70% of the badger population thought to be needed to make the cull effective in reducing TB in cattle herds in the area.

In Somerset 65% of the badger population was killed and in Gloucestershire the figure was 40%.

New badger vaccination scheme announced

A new badger vaccination scheme has been announced as part of efforts to eradicate bovine TB in England.

The Government wants to eradicate bovine TB by 2038. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Rural Affairs Secretary Elizabeth Truss launched the new Badger Edge Vaccination Scheme (BEVS) as part of the Government’s strategy to make England bovine TB-free by 2038.

The scheme will support badger vaccination projects in the middle of the country such as Cheshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire, which are most at risk from the disease spreading from areas such as the South West and West Midlands.

Good weather could bring autumn fruit two weeks early

An early spring and a "wonderful growing season" is set to deliver autumn fruit crops around two weeks early, experts have said.

An early spring could mean a good season for British apples and pears Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) said its orchard at Wisley, Surrey, was seeing early ripening of berries and fruits such as apples and pears, and that most gardeners should be in line for an excellent crop.

RHS chief horticultural adviser Guy Barter said: "Everything is running a little bit ahead, though the cold nights we've been having will push it back a bit.

"The whole season has been early, it's been a wonderful growing season, with no frosts, good weather and here we are with autumn approaching and fruits ripening."