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  1. Anglia

Police chase tractor for 15 miles across two counties

The stolen tractor abandoned in Wisbech. Credit: BCH Roads Policing.

A man has been arrested after police chased a stolen tractor for 15 miles across the Norfolk-Cambridgeshire border.

The police chase included a helicopter and they tailed the tractor for half an hour.

Officers were first called to a farm at Tilney St Lawrence, near King's Lynn, just before 8pm on Saturday.

They chased the vehicle to Oakroyd Crescent in Wisbech - around 15 miles away - where the driver jumped out and ran off.

The tractor - a Case Puma 160 - was abandoned just in front of homes on the residential street but police said no damage was caused.

Officers confirmed a man in his 20s had been arrested in connection with the theft.

  1. West Country

Cow with anthrax incinerated in Wiltshire

Anthrax found in cow in Wiltshire Credit: PA: Winfried Rothermel

An isolated case of anthrax disease in a cow was confirmed at a farm in Wiltshire following the death of the cow.

Movement restrictions were imposed at the farm and the animal’s carcass was incinerated. No other animals have been affected.

The previous outbreak in livestock in Great Britain was in 2006.

Public Health England said the risk of infection to humans was "very low" following the discovery.

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