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Clegg: 'Children can't learn in schools with leaking roofs'

Details are being released of how another £4 billion will be distributed between 2015 and 2018 to schools, local authorities, academy trusts, and voluntary-aided partnerships for building upgrades.

Children can't learn and teachers can't teach in schools that are cold and have leaking roofs. To create a stronger economy we have to invest in a fairer society so that our young people can be successful in the future.

– Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said the longer-term funding certainty would allow people to "plan ahead and make the right investment decisions that will deliver the best possible value for their schools".

"This announcement is a major step towards ensuring all children no matter what their background and no matter where they live have access to the best possible schools and learn in an environment that gives them the knowledge and skills to succeed in the global race," she said.


Ministers: 277 more schools to be repaired or rebuilt

Ministers have announced that another 277 schools are to be repaired or rebuilt as part of a Government programme.

Ministers: 277 more schools to be repaired or rebuilt. Credit: PA

About £2 billion will be allocated to improve facilities under the Priority School Building Programme. It will bring the total helped so far to 537.

Over a thousand Sure Start centres 'could provide extra places'

The charity 4Children has estimated that there are around 1,100 Sure Start centres that could provide additional places if given extra support or direction:

Childcare is one of the biggest financial and logistical challenges for many parents - we know that one in five parents paying for childcare are considering giving up their job or reducing their hours as a result of the financial strain.

With over 3,000 children's centres across the country, and a third telling us they have space to provide more childcare, there is a huge untapped resource which has the potential to both support parents with the challenges of childcare and give children the best start in life.

– Anne Longfield, chief executive, 4Children

Hunt: Charities and private childcare providers would use Sure Start centres

Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt has admitted that a Labour government would rely on charitable and private childcare providers to put "mothballed" Sure Start centres back into use.

Speaking on BBC1's Andrew Marr Show, Mr Hunt said councils would be obliged by law to invite such providers to make use of Sure Start centres:

Hunt: 'Put the lights back on, get the kids back in'

Labour has said that the removal of the statutory obligation on councils to provide childcare via Sure Start centres by the coalition Government has directly led to a dramatic decline in numbers.

There are 720 fewer now than in 2010 and many more mothballed or running much-reduced hours.

Hunt: 'Put the lights back on, get the kids back in' Sure Start. Credit: PA

With half of authorities predicting budget cuts will further restrict the service in the next two years, shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt said it was vital to restore the pressure to "put the lights back on, get the kids back in".

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