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Your views: Should kids be allowed on holiday in term time?

We asked our Facebook readers for their thoughts on council leaders' call to allow parents to take their children on holiday during term time.

A holiday is a luxury and education is important but the sanctions placed on parents are ridiculous. The current system needs to be reviewed as a certain amount of flexibility for parents would not go amiss!

– Kelly Semmens

Either that or make holidays more affordable during school holidays.then there would be no need to take kids out of school.

– Mark Roberts

Without a doubt! Another money making scheme, they are depriving some children a chance to go abroad, which is an education in itself!

– Barbara French

The main problem here is the holiday companies that charge a fortune during school hols - the government has played straight into their hands by fining families taking their kids out of school!

– Janet Hull

If you change the school holidays the companies would still charge more during those weeks so the problem of affordability is not solved. They will only equalise prices if they know there's a chance of increased bookings and this will only happen if parents can take their kids out of school time.

– Diane Barton

I have two children who I am taking out of school for two weeks. They have never been on holiday and we have worked hard to be able to give it to them. Both my children had 100% attendance last year and they are high achievers. I asked for some work as the topic will change while they are away and was told it is school policy not to give children work.

– Danielle Gouge

It should be down to parents and decent parents Iike myself would never take their child away at important times or exam times.

– Amy Darg

Headteacher: 'Best for children to be in school'

It is "best for children" to be in school during term time and not flout the ban on holidays when they should be in class, a primary school head teacher told Good Morning Britain.

Susan Papas sympathised with parents the difference in cost between peak and off-peak holidays had become "so extreme", but if they wanted the best for their child, they would leave them in school.



Department of Education 'confident' of changes

The Department of Education said it was confident strong leadership teams would mean a rapid and effective change at five schools where concerns were raised about performance in the wake of the "Trojan Horse" allegations.

It comes after Ofsted warned "very little action" had been taken at five schools in Birmingham found to be failing by inspector in the wake of the alleged takeover plot by hardline Muslims.

A DfE spokesman said: "These reports are a snapshot. They reflect the particular circumstances of the schools and the time at which the inspections took place, in some cases just a couple of days into the start of the new school year.

"We are confident that the strong leadership teams we have put in place mean that change will be rapid and effective once it has had more than a few weeks to have an impact."

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