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Poll: Could you get all your work done in six hours?

In Sweden just 1% of the country's employees work more than a 50 hour week and they are currently 15% more productive than us Brits. So what's their secret?

Well perhaps their experimentation with the six hour day is one reason. In Gothenburg it's being trialled at a Hospital and Care Home and it's already been in full swing at a Toyota Garage.

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Unemployment falls by 110,000 in three months

Unemployment fell by 110,000 in the three months between August and October, official figures showed today.

Credit: PA

It puts total unemployment at 1.71 million, according to the Office for National Statistics.

However, the number of people on the claimant count last month increased by 3,900, up to 796,200.

Average earnings also increased by 2.4 per cent in the year ending in October, the figures showed - though this marked a 0.6 per cent drop on the month before.

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