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Obama: Sony 'made a mistake' in pulling film after hacking

US President Barack Obama has said Sony Pictures "made a mistake" in cancelling the release of movie The Interview after threats from hackers who breached the film company's security system.

President Obama said the US will make a proportionate response to North Korea in the future as he blamed Pyongyang for making considerable damage with the cyber attack.

"I wish they had spoken to me first," Mr Obama said while taking questions at the White House.

"I would have told them: 'Do not get into a pattern in which you are intimidated by these kinds of criminal attacks.'"

Mr Obama said the US would make a "proportionate response" to North Korea "when we choose" after the FBI blamed Pyongyang for the cyber attack on Sony's computer systems.

He confirmed the US had no indication North Korea worked with any other nation in conducting the cyber attack.


FBI: North Korean government committed Sony hacking

The FBI said it has enough information to conclude the North Korean government is responsible for the hacking of Sony Pictures and is "deeply concerned" by the "destructive nature" of the attack.

The agency said there is a "significant overlap" between the systems used in the Sony breach and other cyber attacks linked to North Korea, including an assault on South Korea's banks and media in 2013.

The computers of Sony Pictures were breached by hackers ahead of its release of The Interview, a film about the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Credit: Reuters

The FBI announcement came after a US official, speaking anonymously, said the probe into the hacking had also identified a possible link to China - either through host servers or use of actors.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington said China does not support "cyber illegalities" committed on its soil and called on the US to share its evidence to support the claims.

Hackers praise Sony as US 'confirms North Korea source'

Sony's hackers have reportedly told the company they will protect its stolen data after the "very wise" decision to cancel the release of movie The Interview - as a US official claimed an investigation has found North Korea was behind the hacking, with possible help from within China.

Sony Pictures pulled the film about the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un earlier this week after hackers apparently threatened to launch terrorist attacks on cinemas that showed the film.

Sony faced criticism from leading figures in the film industry for cancelling showings of the controversial new release. Credit: Reuters

A US official, speaking anonymously, said an investigation has found North Korea was behind the hacking and may have either collaborated with Chinese actors or used Chinese servers to mask the origination of the hack.

According to CNN, the hackers' message to Sony read: "It's very wise that you have made a decision to cancel the release of The Interview. We ensure the security of your data unless you make additional trouble."

Cheryl's husband wins payout over 'upsetting' marriage story

X Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and her husband Jean Bernard Credit: PA

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's husband has accepted a payout from Bauer Media over an "upsetting" Heat magazine article that speculated about their "secret" wedding.

Businessman Jean Bernard Fernandez-Versini, who married the 31-year-old singer and X Factor judge - better known as Cheryl Cole - in July, brought proceedings for invasion of privacy and breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 against the publisher at London's High Court.

The four-page article claimed that Mr Fernandez-Versini's wife had paid for her wedding ring and that her mother was to live with the couple, his solicitor, Callum Galbraith said.

The upset and distress caused by the article was compounded by the fact that Mr Fernandez-Versini, 33, had sought to avoid the media's glare, Mr Galbraith told Mr Justice Dingemans.

The article, published in August, also contained inaccuracies which the magazine did not put to him in advance of publication, the solicitor said.

He added that the publishers now accepted that the article amounted to an unjustified intrusion into Mr Fernandez-Versini's private and family life.

Bauer Media has apologised and agreed to pay him damages and contribute to his legal costs.

Neither Mr Fernandez-Versini nor his wife were at the hearing.


Doctor Who's 'hidden plug' for Game of Thrones

Doctor Who fans tuning in to the sci-fi show's Christmas special should keep a sharp ear out for a hidden plug for rival drama Game of Thrones.

Writer and producer Steven Moffat, who is also the man behind Sherlock, included a character detailing their plan for a perfect Christmas Day TV schedule - which includes classic film Miracle on 34th Street and a "Thrones marathon".

The special episode will be shown on Christmas Day Credit: PA

Moffat admitted he originally intended the character to mention Doctor Who in their list, but decided it would be "too self-reverential".

Game of Thrones is currently being shown in full from the beginning on Sky Atlantic ahead of the launch of its new series.

US 'investigating whether Iran helped in Sony hack'

US investigators are looking at the possibility that Iran helped North Korea in a 'state-sponsored' cyber attack on Sony's film division, government officials have said.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official told Reuters news agency that the code used to attack the studio bore striking similarities to malware known as 'Shamoon'.

Shamoon is believed by the US to have been used by Iran to target tens of thousands of computers at Saudi Arabia's national oil firm, Saudi Aramco, in an attack in 2012, and against banks and broadcasting companies in South Korea last year.

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