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Davey: UK has a 'moral duty' to act on climate change

The government’s environment chief has said the UK has a “moral duty” to act on climate change which is already affecting farming communities in poorer countries.

It comes after the UK today pledged up to £750 million to the Green Climate Fund, joining 12 other countries around the world in helping to pay for schemes in developing nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey Credit: PA

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey said:

The poorest and most vulnerable on the planet are already suffering the effects of climate change and it’s our moral duty to act.

From protecting low-lying islands and coastal settlements from the impact of rising sea levels to helping farmers struggling with lower crop yields caused by the weather effects of climate change - British aid can save lives.

– Ed Davey, Energy and Climate Change Secretary

UK pledges £270bn to tackle climate change overseas

Up to £270 million will be ploughed into helping developing countries start to tackle global warning, the UK government vowed today.

The money will go into the Green Climate Fund, joining other major global economies in paying to help poorer nations learn how to limit and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The money will help people in developing countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a bid to tackle climate change Credit: PA

A total of 13 countries have already signed up to the fund, with contributions now totalling around $9 billion (around £5bn). A third of that has been pledged by the US.

The UK’s contribution comes from a pre-existing budget earmarked for helping tackle international climate change.

Ineos to unveil multi-million pound fracking plans

Chemical company Ineos is expected to invest hundreds of millions of pounds in fracking in the UK.

The firm is due to outline its plans to produce shale gas for its plant in Grangemouth, Scotland later today.

An Ineos flag above Grangemouth oil refinery in Falkirk. Credit: PA Wire

The company's investment in shale gas could be as much as £640 million, STV News reported.

Fracking, in which water and chemicals are injected into rock at high pressure, is controversial and has sparked numerous protests due to the environmental fears.

Large protests were held in Balcombe in West Sussex last year where energy firm Cuadrilla were test drilling at a potential fracking site.


Wildlife experts herd pod of whales into deeper water

A pod of pilot whales spotted off the Essex coast are being herded out to open water in an effort to stop them becoming beached.

Wildlife experts, the British Divers Marine Life Rescue and Essex Police's marine unit are trying to coax the 40-strong group further out to sea so they avoid becoming stranded on mud flats near the shore.

The whales were spotted sheltering near the Blackwater Estuary, a shallow stretch of water dotted with several shoals and mud flats that could prove deadly to the whales if they become trapped at low tide.

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Kent animal sanctuary saves tormented bears

A few months ago, you may remember we told you how an animal charity in Kent was trying to raise money to save abandoned brown bears from a terrible life in Bulgaria.

Well now, thanks to the generosity of local people, enough has been raised that two of the bears have been brought over here to start a new life where they'll be well-kept and cared for.

David Johns went to see the bears, and spoke to the Chief Executive of the Wildwood Trust, Peter Smith.

To donate and help with the ongoing costs of the bear rescue, visit

Stones cancel concert over Jagger throat infection

The Rolling Stones have been forced to cancel the next date of their Australian tour after singer Mick Jagger developed a throat infection.

He is under strict doctor’s orders to rest his vocal chords for the next few days in order to recuperate for the remainder of the tour, tour operator Frontier said.

Rolling Stones cancel concert over Mick jagger throat infection Credit: PA

The Rolling Stones are incredibly disappointed to cancel the Hanging Rock gig and to disappoint their fans but were left with no other option.

– Tour spokesman

This means the scheduled show at Hanging Rock near Melbourne on Saturday has been cancelled.

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