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Memorial plaque unveiled to honour the Liverpool Pals

A memorial to the wartime Liverpool Pals has been unveiled on Merseyside.

The Pals were ordinary men who left their jobs to bolster the professional army in the First World War.

Mayor of Halton, Councillor Shaun Osborne

The plaque was unveiled at Prescot Railway station where six thousand men left from on 30 April 1915 to fight in France, many of whom didn't return.

Lt Col Tony Hollingsworth, Liverpool Pals Memorial Fund


Police killer Dale Cregan moved to high-security hospital after hunger strike

Murderer Dale Cregan has been moved from Strangeways to Ashworth Hospital on Merseyside after going on hunger strike, according to reports.

Dale Cregan Credit: Greater Manchester Police

The Manchester Evening News reports it's the second time Cregan has been moved from HMP Manchester after refusing to eat.

It would mean him being held alongside Moors Murderer Ian Brady, who has been held there for the past 30 years.

The Ministry of Justice has refused to confirm or deny the claims, saying they do not comment on individual prisoners.

Cregan is serving a life sentence for murdering PCs Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes, as well as father and son Mark and David Short.

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Rat poison found dumped on Salford street

Credit: Manchester Evening News Syndication
Credit: Manchester Evening News Syndication

Lives have been put at risk after rat poison was scattered on a busy street, say council officers.

Twice this week large quantities of pellets were found on the pavement of Great Cheetham Street East in Higher Broughton, Salford.

It is suspected it was put down to kill pigeons but the council says the culprits are putting local children, pets, and wildlife at risk - and say the bait is not effective for tackling pigeons.

They have warned warning that those responsible could face criminal charges for littering and are asking the public to come forward with information to help catch the culprit.

Credit: Manchester Evening News Syndication

“We’ve had four previous reports of someone scattering rat poison pellets in Great Cheetham Street East at the junction with Bevendon Square, near the Oriental Pearl takeaway.

“We cleaned it up on Monday and the following day had to go back again and clean up an even more widespread scattering. We estimate about half a bucket load was put down.

“We’re not sure why someone would do such an irresponsible thing but we suspect they think it will kill pigeons roosting on the roof of the Oriental Pearl takeaway.

“The pigeons are unlikely to touch pellets like this but if children or pets or wildlife ate a lot of them they could become seriously ill.

“The most effective way to get rid of pigeons is for local people to stop feeding them.

“People may think it’s harmless to throw a bit of bread out for the pigeons or throw down bits of their lunch for them but it only encourages them to hang around the area.

“If there is no food for them they will move on elsewhere.

“Though these pellets are widely available to the public, council officials only use them after a careful risk assessment.

“We make sure they are placed where rats and mice can get to them but other wildlife and humans can’t.

“To simply throw them down in the middle of a busy street is totally irresponsible and it must stop immediately.”

– Salford Council Spokesperson
Credit: Manchester Evening News Syndication

The pellets are thought to contain difenacoum which has been used in Europe for over 30 years and is particularly effective against rodents.

However it is a potent poison for all mammals and should be kept well away from non-targets, animals and humans. Anyone with any information should call 0161 909 6500.

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