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Isle of man teenager jailed after fatal crash

14 year old Lucia Porter who died in the crash in March 2014 Credit: ITV Granada

A teenager from the Isle of Man has been jailed for three years for causing a crash that killed a 14 year old girl. 18 year old Craig Bridgewater was behind the wheel of a friend's car when it went off the road near Peel in March, killing Lucia Porter.

The car was carrying eight teenagers at the time, including two in the boot.

Lucia was sharing the front passenger seat with another friend and was thrown through the window, with the car coming to rest on top of her.

Scene of crash on the Isle of Man - March 2014 Credit: ITV Granada

WATCH: Thieves caught on camera with battering ram

Police have released CCTV footage of the moment three men in balaclavas used a homemade battering ram to rob a house in Blackley.

Once inside the three men split up, with one holding a 7in kitchen knife to the first victim’s throat while one of the other men went upstairs and also threatened the second victim with a knife.

Keys to the victim’s Audi A5 and BMW motorcycle were taken, along with a motorcycle helmet and leathers before the thieves drove off on the bike and in the Audi car.

This was a terrifying experience for the victims, who not only suffered the shock of seeing their front door smashed open but were also terrorised by men brandishing knives. The thieves seemed to know exactly what they were doing and knew what they were after, so it appears as though this robbery was planned in advance.

“The CCTV does not offer much in terms of identification of these thugs, but I urge people to watch the video and contact police if they believe they recognise any of the three robbers pictured.

– Detective Constable Peter Murphy, Greater Manchester Police

Campaign over 'embarrassing' Christmas Tree

The embarrasment of Mottram Christmas Tree Credit: Tim Jackson

A Facebook group has been set up to decry the Christmas Tree in Mottram - Tim Jackson who posted the photo says - In all it's glory!! Tourists are startin to turn up now it's dark!! Lol!

Other comments on the page plead for it to be taken down because it is so embarrassing.

Oh I'm so glad there is a page for this. I waited patiently and didn't complain as thought it might have just been the top of the tree and the rest was coming then when I saw Christmas lights on I nearly cried

– Rivkhah Kneen

Lee Connor says its disgraceful please come and take it down and spare us the shame of driving past it everyday.

Schoolboy entrepreneur tops £1m for bottle of pop

Tommie Rose's signed bottle of Lucozade reaches £1m mark Credit: Ebay auction site

Tommie Rose hit the headlines last week when he was threatened with suspension from school because he'd been selling sweets to his mates making thousands of pounds. 15 year old Tommie raised fourteen thousand pounds and says he wants to use it to pay for tuition fees at university.

Now, Tommie has signed a bottle of Lucozade and has put that up for auction on Ebay and the bids have already topped the £1million pound mark. The bidding is due to come to an end tomorrow afternoon.

Tommie Rose raised £14k for his university tuition fees Credit: Men Syndication


Hunt for man who slammed woman's head into wall

Evofit of handbag thief Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Police are hunting a man who tried to snatch a handbag from a woman in Leigh. He slammed the woman’s head into the side of a house three times. He then punched her in the face and kicked her in the chest in an attempt to get her to drop the bag.

The 56-year-old woman was attacked while walking along Clifton Street in Leigh at about 10.30am, almost two weeks ago, on the 12 November 2014.

The woman cried for help and the attacker ran off letting go of her bag.

He is described as being white, in his early 20s, of a slim build and about 5ft 8in tall. He was wearing a black baseball cap and a white and black jacket with a blue jumper.

The woman was repeatedly slammed into the side of a wall and subjected to a barrage of blows by this desperate criminal. By any stretch of the imagination this man’s actions were brutal and violent and he needs to be caught.

Despite the ordeal she suffered, this woman has been brave enough to work with our forensic imaging specialists to produce an accurate picture of the man who attacked her and I would ask that people look carefully at the image.

– Detective Constable Darren Reid

Anti-Terror Chief 'we all have a responsibility to spot the signs'

Detective Chief Superintendent says the North West Counter Terrorism Unit has been meeting with business leaders to discuss how they can help spot possible terror activity. The event's taking place as part of efforts to prevent atrocities in crowded public places. It's hoped people other than police and security services will be more vigilant.

To find out more about the North West Counter Terrorism Unit you can click here

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