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Mother's triplet girls defying the odds

Sarah Johnson with triplet girls Credit: Johnson family

A mum from Southport says the birth of her naturally conceived triplet girls is “a miracle”.

Sarah Johnson, 31, gave birth to Darcie, Macy and Bobbie-Ann at Ormskirk hospital.

The triplets were conceived naturally – without fertility treatment. The chance of this is approximately 1 in 25,000.

Mum Sarah, who already has two boys, said: “It was a massive shock to learn I was pregnant with triplets. I’ve waited for a baby girl forever and now I’ve got three."

Johnson triplet girls Credit: Johnson family

The family have now invested in a new seven-seat car to ferry the sisters with their two brothers who are aged five and seven.

Sarah, who is a heath care assistant at Southport hospital, added: “We are buying three of everything and have three cots ready for the sisters. It is a very exciting time.”

Mum gave birth to the triplets after 33 weeks and six days. The girls each weighed in at around 5lbs. Two of the girls are identical.

Lynne Eastham, head of Nursing and Midwifery Southport and Ormskirk hospital NHS Trust said: “Multiple births are uncommon. But for a woman to have triplets naturally, the odds become even more astonishing.

“We wish the family congratulations and the best of luck for the future.”


Call to keep power plant open to save jobs

Fiddlers Ferry power plant Credit: Rich Glover

Council leaders are joining forces today to call for talks to keep the Fiddlers Ferry Power plant open in Warrington.

Councillor Terry O'Neil, leader of Warrington Borough Council and Halton Borough Council Leader, Councillor Rob Polhill say talks are vital to save up to 270 jobs.

SSE Energy said it's consulting on plans to close three out of four of generators in two months. It has a contract to keep the fourth generator open until next year.

The company says it hopes to avoid compulsory redundancies

Man due in court over double stabbing in Bury

Maylyn Couperthwaite Credit: Greater Manchester Police

A man's due in court charged with with murder and attempted murder after two women were stabbed at a house in Bury.

Maylyn Couperthwaite, who was 52, died after being attacked along with her 80-year-old mother at a house on Woodward Close on Sunday.

Her mother Audrey Couperthwaite is still in a critical but stable condition in hospital.

In a tribute Ms Couperthwaite's sister, Lucy Watson said 'words can't describe how devastated she is by what has happened.'

Oliver Faughey, who's 62, also of Woodward Close, will appear at Manchester Crown Court via video link.

Crime scene, Woodward Close, Bury Credit: ITV Granada

Fertility clinic offers 'a baby or your money back'

Fertility problems affect around one in six couples - but with one cycle of IVF treatment costing up to fourteen thousand pounds it can be very costly.

Now, for the first time, a fertility clinic in Greater Manchester is promising patients "a baby or your money back."

But one charity says starting a family shouldn't be a business and more should be done by the NHS

This exclusive report from Matt O'Donoghue:


How to keep your children safe online

Keeping your children safe online Credit: PA

Many children are leaving themselves vulnerable online by failing to set their social media profiles to private, an online safety group has warned.

Internet Matters said only 47% of children set their profiles to private, meaning they are more vulnerable to being contacted by strangers online and cyberbullying outside of their circle of friends.

Many children do not set their social media profiles to private Credit: PAThe figures, released by the group to mark Safer Internet Day, also show 18% of children have given out personal information online like their full name, home address or phone number.

And six per cent of children surveyed, aged between 7 and 17, admitted they had met up with someone they've met online in real life.

Tips on how parents can help to keep their kids safe online:


It’s important to start talking to your child about staying safe online at an early age. Keep conversations short but frequent.

Encourage your child to come and talk to you if they see anything that upsets them.

Explore Online Together

Ask them to show you what they like to do online, and show an interest.

Check if any of their apps have ‘geo-location’ enabled, sharing their location unintentionally.

Keep talking to your children about what they look at online. Credit: PAKnow who they are talking to

Children may not think of strangers online as strangers – they may think of them as online friends. Explain it’s easy for people to lie about who they are online. You can also become ‘friends’ with your child on social networks.

Agree boundaries

Set rules about when and for how long they can go online, the websites they can visit,and how to treat people online.

Show them how to report offensive comments or block people who upset them.

A Facebook user edits privacy settings Credit: PACheck content is age-appropriate

Check the age ratings on the games they play or videos they watch, and make sure websites and social networks are suitable.

Use parental controls

Internet Service Providers provide controls to restrict content, and many electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones allow you to do the same.

Remind them about privacy

Make sure they are not sharing sensitive information online and tell them what to do if they are contacted by someone they don’t know.

Explain how you can use privacy settings to make sure only approved friends can see posts and images.

For more information E. B. Clarke's book visit the ID? website

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