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Police Federation: 'Murder of officers risk without taser'

The Police Federation has said that the risk to the public in rolling out tasers to all officers is 'minimal' adding that there is a risk of officers being 'murdered' if they are not given the option to carry the stun-guns.

I think the risks with every police officer carrying taser is quite minimal.

There are strict protocols, there’s the law that has to be adhered to, and the training is excellent, that we provide our officers in this country.

I don’t think there is too much of an additional risk at all.

I think the risk is if officers are not given the opportunity to use it, and officers get murdered.

– Steve White chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales


Pensioner knocked over in hit and run in Wallasey

Merseyside Police has issued CCTV footage of the moment an elderly man was knocked over by a hit-and-run driver in Wallasey on Saturday, 17 January.

At around 3.10pm, the 69-year-old man was cleaning his car which was parked on Newton Road. He was stood in the road with his back to oncoming traffic when he was hit.

The victim suffered a fractured pelvis, three fractured ribs and a collapsed lung as a result of the collision.

He was taken to hospital for treatment to his injuries and is now recovering at home.

The footage also shows a number of vehicles which pass by the incident immediately after it happened.

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