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Police officer accused of lying about Hillsborough

by Andy Bonner

A former constable has been accused of lying under oath - after a note about the policing of the Hillsborough disaster was apparently "wiped from history". The inquest jury were told that a message from officers - calling for the gates to be shut at the back of the Leppings Lane tunnel - was received by the police control room. But that note, recorded in a log on the day after the disaster, vanished from all subsequent documents.


Police: Slater's actions left a family deeply distraught

The injuries sustained by Mr Allen were horrific. Whatever had happened between the pair leading up to this incident, nothing justified Slater behaving in the way that he did that day. A vehicle of such a size is a powerful weapon - his actions behind the wheel of the lorry have left a family deeply distraught and struggling to come to terms with what has happened.

– Detective Inspector Peter Case
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