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Former Auschwitz prisoners the 'Windermere Boys'

Today marks 70 years since the liberation of Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz. There will be numerous events across the region to mark the occasion.

Following the end of the Second World War hundreds of young children were taken from the camp and brought to the Lake District to recover.

Now in their 80s, the so called Windermere boys rebuilt their lives in the region. Click here for more on our special reports on the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust.

Full report: Libby Lane becomes first Anglican Bishop

History was made today when the Church of England consecrated its first ever woman bishop - the Reverend Libby Lane, who's the new Bishop of Stockport.

The service at York Minster saw an end to centuries of male leadership in the church.

It didn't go without incident, as one man in the congregation shouted out in opposition. But he failed to prevent the ceremony going ahead.


No evidence of 'canal killer', says senior detective

A senior detective has dismissed claims that a serial killer - dubbed The Pusher - is stalking Greater Manchester’s rivers and canals.

Det Chief Supt Russ Jackson, head of the serious crime division of Greater Manchester Police, rubbished the sensational claim made a fortnight ago bv Professor Craig Jackson, head of psychology at Birmingham Ciy University.

The senior police officer called the press conference to say no evidence has been uncovered that The Pusher is real.

Police warning after two women attacked in four days

Police in Rochdale are warning people to be vigilant whilst out at night after two women were assaulted in the Kingsway area of the town within the space of four days.

At around 9pm on Thursday, a woman was approached by a man on Jones Street. He grabbed her and dragged her to a spot nearby where he punched her in the head a number of times and attempted to rape her.

The woman was able to fight the man off and report it to the police.

At around the same time on Sunday, a woman was walking past the Tile Giant shop on Oldham Road when a man approached her asking for money.

When the woman told him she didn’t have any, he snatched her bag and ran off up Oldham Road. He was chased by a witness who had seen the incident take place but managed to get away somewhere near South Terraced Court.

Detective Inspective Andy Butterworth said: “If you are planning on going out alone then please try to stick to well-lit areas and let somebody know where you are.”

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First female bishop 'overwhelmed' and 'thrilled'

The first female Church of England bishop, Libby Lane has described her consecration service as an 'occasion of prayer and of party' and said she is 'thrilled that so many want to share in both.'

Nearly 2000 people attended the service at York Minster today which was conducted by the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu.

Bishop Lane with Dr John Sentamu after the service Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

I cannot properly express how encouraged I have been in the weeks since the announcement of my nomination, by the thousands of messages I have received with words of congratulation, support and wisdom.

I've heard from people of all ages, women and men, people I have known for years and people I have never met, people from down the road and people from across the world.

I cannot possibly live up to everyone's expectation. And so today, at my consecration, I hold on to words of promise from the Bible, a reassurance that all this does not depend on me.

– Bishop Lane

Prime Minister David Cameron hailed the 'historic appointment' as an ''important day for equality'' and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby, said he was 'absolutely delighted'.


Talbot touched pupil 'intimately' in toilet, claims alleged victim

Talbot, of Bowdon, Cheshire, denies 10 counts of indecent assault.

The trial continues.

  1. Andy Bonner - Hillsborough Correspondent

Policing showed 'lack of organisation', inquests hear

A court has been hearing accounts of Liverpool fans who survived the Hillsborough disaster.

The inquests into the deaths of 96 men, women and children heard evidence that policing showed a "lack of organisation" and that the situation at the turnstiles was "chaotic".

Witness Raymond Evans, an off-duty Merseyside Police constable on the day, also described one officer trying to stop him coming over a pen fence as another pulled him clear.

Supporter Terence Mills described struggling to breathe and being unable to move his arms in pen 4 before helping to carry casualties across the ground on stretchers.

The coroner, Sir John Goldring, reiterated the thanks of the bereaved families for his efforts and for those of trained first-aider Michael Bradley who tried to resuscitate people in the pen and on the pitch.

Talbot asked pupil: "You know what I want to do with you, don't you?", court hears

The jury in the trial of Fred Talbot has heard today that a witness was approached as a boy by the television weatherman and asked, "You know what I want to do with you, don't you?".

Witness J told jurors he was in Mr Talbot's cellar with other teenagers, recording some music.

J said the then teacher sent the others on "errands".

He said:

"I was panicking. He began walking across the cellar towards me. I put my hand up, shouted No! He said: 'This will only take 5 minutes"

J told the court Mr Talbot kept walking towards him:

"I jumped up, swung my electric guitar in his direction, shouted 'No' and he stopped."

The prosecution asked witness J what else was said.

He replied:

"He said a line that will stay with me for life - 'Fine, we'll just carry on with this then'".

J also said the then teacher offered to help him "experiment" with his sexuality. Mr Talbot's defence say none of what J recalls happened.

The trial continues. Fred Talbot denies all of the charges.

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