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Ombudsman orders council to consider bringing school transport for disabled children

Council said children were no longer eligible for transport Credit: PA

Wirral council has been asked to reconsider its decision to remove school transport for children with special educational needs.

It comes after an investigation by the Local Government Ombudsman.

Disabled children who had their specialist transport to taken away will have their cases reconsidered following an investigation by the Local Government Ombudsman .

The children, who attend a variety of schools in the Wirral area, had all received school transport before Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council wrote to their parents telling them they would no longer receive help getting to school because they were no longer eligible.


Thousands of jobs on way with Manchester Airport expansion

A busy time ahead for Air Traffic Control at Manchester Airport Credit: PA

Manchester Airport is showing off how it's spending a Billion pounds on upgrading and expanding.

Terminal Two will grow by 140 percent in the next eight years. Thousands of jobs are expected to be created as a result.

Adam Jupp from Manchester Airport say there could be 15 hundred jobs in the construction phase alone:

Thousands of jobs could be created Credit: PA

Progress on airport transformation showcased at Powerhouse conference

Credit: Manchester Airport

Transport, manufacturing and finance are on the agenda over the next two days as business leaders and politicians gather in Manchester to discuss the continued development of the Northern Powerhouse.

Last year's inaugural International Conference and Exhibition was attended by 250,000 delegates.

Credit: Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport will be showcasing how it's billion pound transformation is taking shape.

It will see Terminal Two grow by 140% by 2025.

Thousands at risk from inherited cholesterol

Examination to diagnose heart problem Credit: PA

It's claimed thousands of people in the region are at risk of death from inherited high cholesterol... which could lead to a sudden heart attack.

Scientists say the majority go undiagnosed and risk dying before they reach their 50s

Doctors are demanding that genetic testing is made more widely available

Lifestyle like using too much salt is often blamed for too much cholesterol Credit: PA


Giant 8ft sculpture of Jeremy Clarkson's leaves residents in Salford stunned

The giant sculpture of Clarkson dominates the front garden. Credit: Manchester Evening News.

A towering 8-ft high bust of the television presenter Jeremy Clarkson in a front garden has left Salford residents stunned.

The fibreglass sculpture was won by teenager Zohaib Alam, after entering a competition run by Clarkson's Amazon Prime show, The Grand Tour.

Its now standing in his front garden after being lifted into place by a crane.

Zohaib, 15, entered the contest with Clarkson’s new motoring show The Grand Tour on behalf of his dad Zaheer.

But the family never dreamed they’d win.

The huge sculpture will remain in place on a wooden plinth in their small front garden as a publicity stunt for the next fortnight.

The youngster said it has raised eyebrows on the street.

Zohaib with his sculpture of Jeremy Clarkson. Credit: Manchester Evening News.

“My dad loves the show and I love those types of programme too.

"I tweeted the show after I saw the competition and suddenly I got a tweet back to ask if our front garden was big enough for Jeremy Clarkson’s head.

“I know Jeremy Clarkson has got a big head but we said it would fit after we found out the dimensions. It was amazing when we found out that we had won. It’s the first time we’ve won anything.

“Everyone came out of their houses when it was delivered. It was a bit awkward and people were taking photographs, but it’s only a bit of fun. I think the idea is that the heads will move around from place to place. Everyone on the street is talking about us and the statue and we want to thank them for their patience.”

– Zohaib Alam
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