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Rare Egyptian treasures date back five thousand years

Rare Egyptian treasures

An exciting collection of Egyptian artefacts dating back 5- thousand years is being revealed to the public after being hidden away in storage for 40 years.

The collection belonged to Liverpool adventurer Anne Goodison and was acquired in the late 1800s. Around 1000 pieces were collected on trips to Egypt before the tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered. They are attracting much interest from experts.

Anne's treasure trove goes on display in a special gallery at the Atkinson in Southport.



Report: Recognition for our four-legged crime fighters

Many police forces are rightly proud of their dog units, none more so than Lancashire Constabulary, which has trained dogs for police work since 1948.

Today the animals who fell in the line of duty, and those who passed away after retiring, get a dedicated memorial. Our correspondent Rob Smith reports:

  1. Wales

Welsh speaking drunk in English police cell insists on interpreter

A drunken man who was arrested in Manchester demanded an interpreter after telling police he would only speak in Welsh. Officers spent four hours trying to find a Welsh language expert to deal with the man, 26, who could speak perfectly good English.

But they failed to find a translator and had to let him go without charge.

The Welsh speaker was arrested on this street for being drunk and disorderly. Credit: Google Streetview

Officers went onto Twitter to blast the "difficult and time-wasting" prisoner who was arrested at 2am for a public order offence in Sackville Street, Manchester.

Their official tweet said: "Drunk and disorderly - despite speaking English in custody, insisted on Welsh interpreter which we struggled to find.

"And no, it's not a dig at the Welsh, just frustration and feeling that someone was being difficult needlessly."

The un-named man was bailed to return to the police station when sober and he accepted an £80 fixed penalty fine - written in English.

Credit: PA

We spent several hours trying to find an interpreter for the man who has Welsh roots. He's wasted his own time and our time. At least he saw sense in the end.

– Greater Manchester Police

Report: More to be done over wheelchair access to North West attractions

Living everyday life in a wheelchair can be challenging enough - but how about when you fancy going to an art gallery or museum?

Well, here's some good news. Four of our region's top tourist attractions, have been named in the top 10 nationwide for having the best wheelchair access.

Other venues like Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry and Chester Zoo are in the top 50.

But as our correspondent Ann O'Connor found, that doesn't mean ''job done'':

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