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Muamba watches Wanderers win

Fabrice Muamba Photo: PA

Owen Coyle has revealed that Fabrice Muamba was well enough to watch highlights of Bolton's 2-1 win over Blackburn at the weekend.

Speaking at a news conference this morning, the Wanderer's manager also said the 23 year old is in a serious but stable condition in intensive care after suffering a heart attack during their FA Cup Quarter Final with Tottenham nine days ago.

Coyle said, "His improvement each day has been great. So much so that on Sunday morning he was able to watch the highlights of the game. I think he fell asleep at 2-0 but the fact that he was able to sit for that period to see the game was truly remarkable."

He added, "He's becoming aware of the prayers and the goodwill and support he's had globally and his family have asked me to say thank you to everybody for that. He's found it truly humbling that everybody has taken so much care and interest in his well-being and wishing him well."

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