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Corey Ashcroft returns home after cancer treatment

Corey was diagnosed with the disease when he was two. Photo: ITV Granada

A three-year-old boy from Eccleston, Lancashire, is returning home today after spending six months getting treatment for cancer in America.

Corey Ashcorft was diagnosed with the agressive childhood disease neuroblastoma almost a year ago.

But now after intensive treatment at a hospital in Philadelphia, doctors in the US say he's in remission.

He and his family are due to return to the North West this morning. He spent Christmas and his third birthday Stateside.

His mum and dad, Joanna and Craig, raised £250,000 to send him to America.

Joanna said: "We just walk away now and we hope that he has a normal life and a healthy life.

"Nothing's 100%, but they have given him a good prognosis now, which is a lot different to when we started out."

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where Corey was treated. Credit: CBS News

Corey had radiotherapy in Manchester but went to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for immunotherapy, which isn't available in the UK.

The American treatment has proved more effective in helping childred beat the cancer.

Craig added: "We just hope that we keep him clear and it doesn't return back again."

Recalling the moment she heard Corey's diagnosis, Joanna said: "I was very naive. I never thought that Corey would get cancer.

"I was naive in the fact that I thought that if your child got very, very sick, treatment was available for them and they would get the very best chance."

Corey's fundraising appeal reached its target in just 12 weeks.

Thanking those who donated, Joanna added: "We will never, ever be able to put the words together to be able to thank everybody for what they've done for Corey. It's just been absoutely incredible, overwhelming.

"A huge, huge thank you to everybody."

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