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Dementia patients overcharged

Thousands of dementia patients may have been overcharged Photo:

Thousands of dementia patients may have been overcharged for care they should have been entitled to free on the NHS.

Ada Whittaker was 89 when she died. Like many Alzheimers sufferers she was admitted to a care home because her family couldn’t cope with her increasingly erratic behaviour.

Ada Whittaker

Her family were told she would have to pay up to £2,000 a month at a nursing home in Haslingden which meant Mrs Whittaker had to sell her own property to fund a place.

But since her death East Lancashire Primary Care Trust’s decision to deny her funding has been legally challenged.

Aileen and Tony Morgan, daughter and son-in-law

An appeals panel found the pensioner had been ill enough to require “continuing healthcare” meaning her family will be compensated the £90,000 they spent over five years.

The law firm handling their case has now recovered £20 million for claimants and expects to represent many more. But the deadline to claim expires in September.

Lisa Morgan, partner with Hugh James Solictors, states: “Nursing home fees can escalate often leading to individuals having to sell their home to pay for care. Individuals or their families may be entitled to thousands of pounds in reimbursement.”