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Unlawful killing verdict in Southport deaths

Angela Holgate and Alice Huyton were discovered dead at their Southport home Photo: ITV Granada

An inquest into the death of a landlady and her daughter in Southport has recorded a verdict of unlawful death.

Angela Holgate, 54, and Alice Huyton, 75, were found dead at Ms Holgate's home in the town on 3rd December 2011.

Barry Morrow, Ms Holgate's lodger, who was awaiting trial for their murders was found dead in his cell at HMP Manchester in February.

Barry Morrow Credit: GMP

Morrow, from Burnley, was arrested after a Europe-wide manhunt after he was spotted driving Ms Holgate's white Citroen in Calais.

In a statement Chris and John Huyton, Alice's sons and brothers to Angela said:

"We wish to remain dignified with our thoughts towards Barry Morrow who in the end took his own life as well as the lives of Angela and Alice.

A verdict of unlawful killing is as much as we could've expected in the circumstances.

Angela and Alice were both very special in our lives and were lived dearly. They brought much happiness to us and many others who knew them.

It is very difficult for us to come to terms with these senseless killings knowing we will never see them again.

It still hurts as both their lives were cut short. We must now get on with our lives as that's what Angela and Alice would have wanted. They will always be in our thoughts and minds and forever missed."

Detective Chief Inspector Alyson O'Donnell from Merseyside Police said: "It's always difficult in a case like this when the family can't get to test the evidence in a criminal court court.

I just hope that today's verdict of unlawful killing gives some closure to what has been a really devastating event for the family".