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Boy, 13, shot in the face with pellet gun

Jordan Winstanley, 13, with the pellet that surgeons took out of his face Photo: ITV Granada

A 13-year-old boy has been speaking about the moment he was shot in the face by a pellet gun.

Doctors have told Jordan Winstanley that he may never be able to smile properly again.

He was shot by a gunman hiding in bushes as he was out walking with some friends.

It happened on land near to Hall Lee Bank Park in Westhoughton.

Jordan, who lives in Atherton near Wigan, told ITV Granada: "I might have facial disfigurements. I've got told that I might not be able to smile properly.

"They've stitched my nerves and my muscles back together.

"It felt like I was going to pass out, but I didn't. I just got told that my face was gushing with blood.

"I got my sleeve, put it on my face where I'd been hit and started walking. I had to swap sleeves because it had that much blood on it."

Jordan was taken to Bolton Hospital but when they found the pellet was still inside his cheek he had to go to Blackburn for specialist facial surgery.

His mother, Michelle Bleakley, 34, said: "I felt sick. I felt faint. I wanted to get up to the hospital as soon as, because I found out he went to the hospital on his own."

'Mortified' - Jordan's mother Michelle Bleakley Credit: ITV Granada

Mrs Bleakley continued: "Just pure fear - not knowing what extent his injury was until I got up there, just being told he had been shot in the face.

"I'm mortified. I hope they have a conscience and that it's eating away at them."

Surgeons had to stitch his muscles and nerves back together. But it will be around another two weeks before he and his mother know if he will be able to smile again.

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