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Double transplant mum back on the school run

Just over three months ago, Natalie Kerr was desperately waiting for a double lung transplant.

The 30 year old mum of two from Chorley in Lancashire had been told by doctors she would be dead by the end of the year without the life-saving operation.

Natalie suffered from a very rare progressive disease called pulmonary hypertension which affected her heart and lungs.

Our cameras were there when she had the operation at Wythenshawe hospital, and now more than 3 months on, she’s made a remarkable recovery.

Natalie in hospital just before her operation

Speaking to Granada last year - she had just one goal.

"I just can't wait to wake up and feel better and be able to breathe and to walk my children to school. And my aim is, my daughter Isabelle starts school next September so I want to walk her to school on that first day and see her in"

She didn't have to wait until September. Her dream of walking to school has now already been achieved.

Natalie achieving her dream of walking her children to school

Now Natalie is determined to give something back and is trying to spread the word about organ donation by encouraging more people to sign up to the donor register.

She’s been going into local schools, telling pupils about her transplant experience and starting the discussion about organ donation.

You can find out more about organ donation on the NHS website.