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Apprentice star - northern accent went against me

Jenna Whittingham Photo: PA

Lancashire beauty salon owner Jenna Whittingham is the latest to get the boot from Lord Alan Sugar. The 25 year old confessed she never watched The Apprentice before appearing on it.

The 25-year-old entrepreneur was fired by Lord Sugar after her team blamed losing this week's wine promoting task on the 'humorous' advert she directed.

The show jumping champion revealed she had no idea was getting herself into when she applied for the show. Whittingham admitted:

"To be honest with you - this sounds really awful - but I haven't really watched every single series.

"It was a case of last year when they announced it was going to be the investment that I watched a few clips and put my application in because I genuinely wanted to get an investment."

Jenna who's from Penwortham - also admitted her northern accent may have gone against her. Karen Brady had labelled it 'grating.'

Whittingham said:

"I think, of all the candidates in the boardroom, my voice came across very broad and northern, and probably a bit higher pitched because I was a bit nervous."

She also admitted getting fired was a "massive shock" as she was convinced team-mate Stephen Brady would get the boot.

Jenna was joined in the boardroom by Stephen Brady and Ricky Martin.