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'Miracle' swimmer launches heart campaign

Rosanna Ogden Photo: British heart foundation

A 2-year-old who survived the removal of a heart tumour as a baby, has become the poster girl for a new campaign by the British heart foundation.

Rosanna Ogden, is said to be one of the most remarkable young swimming talents to emerge in Britain. She can out-swim children many times her age. Her ability to cover large distances beneath the surface is "unsurpassed" say experts. Earlier in the year the tot even swam 100 metres for the charity raising hundreds of pounds.

Rosanna's parents first took her swimming at just a few months old, to aid her recovery from surgery. Doctors advised that gentle "water baby" classes would help her regain her strength. Her mother, Sanam, says she is "beyond proud", and could "barely believe" she was watching her own daughter.

British heart foundation Credit: British heart foundation poster

Now Rosanna's been chosen as a poster girl for The BHF's latest fundraising camapaign, helping to sell badges through the charity's shops, a campaign that will hopefully raise ove rhalf a million pounds.

Rosanna and her family will be launching The British Heart Foundation Shop's Little Hearts campaign in Chorley today. They hope one day their little mermaid will compete in the Olympics.

See more of Rosanna's story below. Tim Scott reports.