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Olympic torch taken to top of Lovell telescope

Comedian John Bishop with the torch on the Lovell telescope. Photo: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Liverpool comedian John Bishop took the Olympic torch to the top of one of the world's largest radio telescopes.

The 45-year-old funny man carried the flame to the top of the Lovell telescope's 80m focus tower in the pouring rain and struck a triumphant pose.

Located at the Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire, it is the third largest fully-steerable radio telescope in the world.

Commenting on the experience of taking the torch to the top, the Liverpool-born TV star said it had been "windy, wet and scary".

John Bishop on the aerial above the dish. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

He said: "It is phenomenal because it is an iconic structure.

"We drive past it every day taking the kids to school but I never thought I would stand on it.

"The weather is terrible, but it is the north of England, that is what you are going to get."

Asked why the torch relay has captured the public imagination, he said: "From my experience, the British people are great at getting behind things and the Olympics is now an event for the country and I think it just gives them that little sense of being involved."

"And obviously, I have got behind it because I needed something to light the barbecue," he added.

The torch's 107.95 miles journey through the North West of England will end in Bolton, where it will be carried by world light-welterweight champion and Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan.

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