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Cumbria agony aunt pedalling charity fundraiser

An agony aunt from Cumbria will take to her bike to raise money to help children who grow up in care.

Suzie Hayman, from Kendal, hopes to raise more than £1,000 for the Who Cares? Trust as she pedals 250 miles through the French countryside.

Suzie, who also works as a relationship counsellor and is a trustee of the charity, will be travelling with Biking For Children In Care from June 22 to 25.

She said: "I'm passionate about the work of the Who Cares? Trust. I'm a trustee, and a very keen supporter of the work they do. The trust has been giving young people in care a voice since it was set up in 1992 and I've been doing the agony page in their magazine for kids in care since the first edition.

"The trust believes that local councils, the corporate parents, should treat children and young people in and from care as well as we treat our own children.

"At present, that doesn't always happen and we think that everyone should be helped to understand why young people come into care, not because they are bad, but because bad things have happened to them.

"Undertaking this gruelling event is my way of paying tribute to the obstacles and barriers that children and young people in care face, and overcome, every day."