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Anti rape campaign in East Lancashire

Anti rape campaign Photo: Lancashire Police

Police in East Lancashire are launching a campaign to protect party goers against sexual assault after having too much to drink. Posters and leaflets are going up in pubs and clubs around the area to raise awareness of the risks.

Police say incidents of rape and sexual assault are low in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale, the campaign - called Operation Nexus - is aimed at raising awareness of the risks.

Detective Sergeant Mick Cross from Burnley CID said: “This is an important campaign aimed at highlighting the steps that people can take to make them less vulnerable when they are out drinking. This will mean they are at less risk of becoming a victim of sexual assault, along with other types of crime.

“The purpose of the campaign is to try to prevent incidents happening in the first place by educating people about safe drinking limits and urging them to consider the consequences of their actions.”

Posters and leaflets will be displayed in pubs, bars, clubs and in Burnley’s Rest and Retreat Centre to reach the target audience and a webpage has also been set up, featuring information, useful contact details and videos explaining the differing perspectives of rape. These films will also be shown in town centre venues across the division.

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