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Three women jailed for storing guns and ammunition

A Mac 10 was found among the firearms in the house Photo: GMP

Three women from Manchester have been jailed for a total of 23 years for storing firearms.

The weapons included a Mac 10 and rounds of ammunition.

Greater Manchester Police received a tip-off in November that guns were being kept at a house on Lamb Close in Longsight.

Coincidentally, Joanne Dawson, 43, called the emergency services to report a burglary at her home on Lamb Close.

Joanne Dawson (l), Calley O'Connor and Stephanie Drewitt Credit: GMP

Officers went to her house and found her "anxious and agitated", police said.

When they spoke to her she gave "conflicting and confusing" accounts of what had happened.

When an officer challenged her about having a firearm in the house she became frightened and admitted having a gun.

She told officers to look in a bag hidden under her bed. Inside was a Baikal handgun, an ingram mac 10 automatic machine gun, a silencer, shotgun cartridges and other ammunition.

While the officers were still there, Calley O'Connor, 21, and Stephanie Drewitt, 20, visited Dawson's house. They were also "uncooperative and anxious".

All three pleaded guilty to possession of guns and ammunition.

Dawson, of Lamb Close, Longsight, was sentenced on Thursday at Manchester Crown Court to seven years and four months in prison.

Drewitt, of Britnall Avenue, Longsight was jailed today for eight years and two months.

O’Connor, of Berigan Close, Longsight was also sentenced today to eight years and two months inside.

The weapons were hidden in a bag under a bed in Joanne Dawson's house Credit: GMP

Detective Constable Jennifer Wylde from Greater Manchester Police’s Xcalibre Organised Crime Unit said: “Today's result sends out a strong message to anyone who gets involved with guns, that they can expect to face a lengthy prison sentence.

"This firearm and the ammunition were clearly intended for use in organised gang crime, and would no doubt have led to serious injury or death.

“We are committed to investigating and prosecuting those who use, store or supply guns for criminal purpose. By removing these weapons and ammunition we have without doubt prevented further crimes from happening.

"Every gun seized represents a great result for us, but more importantly the public of Greater Manchester, and is one less weapon available to the criminal fraternity."

Police say seizing any gun is a 'great result' Credit: GMP