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Eagle eyed nurse spots cancer on Corrie star

Cancerous mole spotted Photo: ITV

A nurse has spotted a deadly form of skin cancer on a Coronation Street actress whilst watching the show.

Anna Bianconi-Moore was watching a scene in which Sue Nicholls – who plays Audrey Roberts – was in a sleeveless nightie when she noticed a mole on her shoulder. That mole turned out to be the most deadly form of skin cancer.

Whilst millions watched the same scene in their living rooms at home, specialist skin care nurse Anna was able to diagnose the blemish as malignant melanoma after pausing the TV and taking a closer look.

The 55 year old who's from Suffolk then got in touch with the show to warn Sue to get the mole checked.

In the end, almost a year passed before Sue had the mole removed and the diagnosis of malignant melanoma was confirmed. The actress then appealed for the viewer to get back in touch.

The two finally met on the Coronation Street set at the end of May so Sue could thank her in person - for potentially saving her life.