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Parents anguish over Anuj Bidve murder

The parents of Anuj Bidve say they may never know why their son was killed. Subhash and Yogini Bidve have been in court for every day of Kiaran Stapleton's trial.

A man who called himself 'psycho'. Anuj's father told ITV News, "Why Anuj? What did he do wrong?

Those are answers I may never get." Subhash says he shared so much with Anuj and has lost not just a son but a friend.

Kiaran Stapleton Credit: Greater Manchester Police

Anuj Bidve had left India to study at Lancaster University. Along with some friends he decided to spend christmas in Manchester sightseeing. They were on their way to the Boxing Day sales when they walked through Salford and crossed paths with Kiaran Stapleton.

It was then Stapleton asked Anuj the time. Seconds later he pulled out a gun and shot Anuj in the head. It was a random, unprovoked attack.

Anuj Bidve

Stapleton ran off and burnt his clothes. The next day he checked into a hotel overlooking the crime scene so he could watch the police investigation. After that he had a teardrop tattooed on his face. A symbol to show he'd killed someone. When he was interviewed by police Stapleton denied killing Anuj Bidve. In court he admitted pulling the trigger but claimed it was manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

After Stapleton was arrested he told a psychologist: "I blew a hole in his head, there is nothing I can say, nothing whatsoever. They should have got a taxi, things would have been different if they had got a taxi." It's the closest he's come to explaining his actions.

Anuj Bidve's family laying floral tributes earlier this year Credit: PA

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