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ITV 1 programme remembers Davy Jones and the Monkees

Davy Jones in February 1967 Photo: Press Association/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The family of the late Monkees singer Davy Jones have made an emotional visit to the place in Manchester where he grew up.

His elder sisters returned to Manchester for the ITV 1 programme We Love The Monkees.

Set to a soundtrack of their best work, the programme tells the story of this much-loved boy band’s rise to international stardom.

Davy’s sisters take the cameras back to Openshaw where their brother was born and where he and his sisters performed in the local church. They describe Davy’s role as Ena Sharples’ grandson in Coronation Street and how he then hoped to go on to be a jockey before being picked to join the West End cast of Oliver! The show and Davy were then transferred to Broadway before he joined The Monkees. Davy’s sister, Beryl Leigh, describes the moment when Davy tried to visit their father at their home in Manchester at the height of The Monkees’ fame.

The street was full, from one end to the other, there wasn’t a yard between anybody. Hundreds and hundreds of them. It was quite frightening. Davy climbed over all the fences at the back to try to get in. One neighbour said, ‘What are you doing?’ when she saw it was him she dressed him up in a frock, head scarf and she put lipstick on him. I looked out of the back window and said, ‘There’s a girl coming over the back fence.’ And I ran out to chuck her back and he said, ‘It’s me, dear.’”

– Davy’s sister, Beryl Leigh
  • We Love The Monkees is on ITV 1 at 9pm on Monday 30th July 2012