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Forty years since Ugandan Asians settled in North West

This weekend marks forty years since Uganda's former president, General Idi Amin, issued a chilling message that would turn lives upside down forever.

Thousands of Ugandan Asians were expelled from the country after Amin claimed that they were "economic bloodsuckers". He said they were exploiting the wealth of the country at the expense of native Africans.

They were given 90 days to get out and had to leave everything behind. Almost 30,000 refugees came to the UK and many went to 12 resettlement camps nationwide.

After arriving at the Tonfanau camp on the north coast of Wales, refugee Azim Somani settled in Stockport where he began to rebuild his life.

Azim said: "Forty years on we are here. Idi Amin is not here, he is dead. People’s lives were turned upside down. We have never found that community again.

"The feeling and the love and the mix of communities that we used to see for all walks of life, it doesn’t matter which religion or creed or whatever they followed, that is difficult to find now."