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Riot hit businesses awaiting compensation

A smashed window and flames at a Miss Selfridge shop in Market Street in Manchester city centre. Photo: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Dozens of compensation claims still haven't been paid out across Greater Manchester following last summers riots.

Greater Manchester Police Authority say it has however dealt with 92 per cent of Riot Damages Act claims. 410 were submitted to them with just 31 that haven't been settled. A total of 212 applications put in have been rejected.

GMPA say a number of claims are still outstanding because they are waiting for the right paperwork from the claimant before they can proceed.

in total £1.25 million was set aside to help those hit by the trouble after a number of businesses were looted and vandalised during several nights of violence. So far more than £800,000 has been paid out which will be reimbursed by the Government. However, ten claims yet to be settled are worth over £50,000 and are being dealt with by loss adjusters.

Ian Hargreaves, Independent member and Chair of the GMPA Value for Money Committee, said: “The police authority has always taken a positive and proactive approach to dealing with claims made under the Riot Damages Act. That we only have 31 outstanding claims is testament to the commitment of police authority staff to make sure that the impact on our communities is minimal.

“As we approach the one year anniversary of the disorder, the events of last summer will be at the forefront of people’s minds. Now is a time to reflect on the strength of community spirit we saw in the days and weeks following the disorder. I’d also like to once again praise Greater Manchester Police for the robust way they brought peace to our streets and identified those responsible to bring them to justice.”

GMPA also worked closely with local authorities to identify those most in need of support and to make sure claimants didn’t get duplicate payouts.

Miss Selfridge shop on fire in Market Street in Manchester city centre. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

The GMPA latest figures on Riot Damage Act claims:

  • Total number of claims: 410
  • The total number of wholly uninsured loss claims is 101. Of these, 6 are ongoing and 25 have been rejected.
  • The total number of insured loss claims is 309. Of these, 25 are ongoing and 187 have been rejected.
  • Total amount offered: £1.25m.
  • Total amount paid: £867,692 (this includes £442,023 for uninsured losses and £425,669 for insured losses).
  • Of the 31 ongoing claims, ten are valued at over £50,000 and are being dealt with by loss adjusters in conjunction with GMPA.
  • Of the 6 ongoing uninsured claims:
  • Two are included in the high value claims being dealt with by loss adjusterso
  • Two are large companies with a high policy excesso
  • Two are smaller businesses who are not insured or were underinsured

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