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Museum exhibition about Liverpool's legendary venue

Pete Townshend at the opening of the recording studio in 1986. Photo:

The Museum of Liverpool is to unveil a new display, exploring the history of one of the city's independent music venues.

The exhibition in the Wondrous Place gallery records the story of The Picket, which has been at the forefront of Liverpool's grassroots music scene for more than 25 years.

Paul Gallagher, Curator of Contemporary Collecting at the Museum of Liverpool said: "The Picket has been such an important part of the Liverpool music and youth scene.

"It's still here, still making a difference and it was vital we represented it within the Wondrous Place gallery, which celebrates the city's creative and sporting talents.

"It's not all been plain sailing for the venue; it's survived closures, funding cuts and industry changes to come out on top. It's a great story to tell and remains very close to many people's hearts within this city."

The Picket was opened at a time when Liverpool's unemployment levels were particularly high, and young people in the city were heavily affected.

With funding support from the likes of Pete Townshend, Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney, the venue has helped launched the careers of bands including Space, Cast, Shack, The Coral, The Wombats and The La's.

Philip Hayes, founder of The Picket said: "I was made up to be invited to tell The Picket's story at the Museum of Liverpool. To be featured alongside The Beatles and many of Liverpool's other cultural treasures is a great honour.

"The display I hope will pay tribute to the many musicians and people of Liverpool that have supported The Picket over 25 years. Without their help we wouldn't be here and about to embark on a new episode in The Baltic Creative District."