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Keith Bennett's brother welcomes new arrest and searches

Keith Bennett, 12, was murdered by Ian Brady but he never revealed where he hid the body Photo: PA

Alan Bennett, has called for further searches after a woman was arrested and two properties searched in the hunt for his brother Keith Bennett who was murdered by Ian Brady nearly fifty years ago.

Alan Bennett released this statement on the website he manages

"Nowthis has been made public knowledge I can have my say. It is good news that thepolice have finally been able to search Brady's room and also to make anarrest.

Ihad been told about this but could not share this withanybody. I would say that until some definite information is found regardingKeith's whereabouts we do not want to raise our hopes too high at this stage.Nonetheless, it is a very important development.

Iwould like to add that at the moment I am a little bewildered as to why Dr AlanKeightley's premises have not been added to the search list as he also claimsto have information from Brady and claims to be his legal heir.

Iwould also ask that if Brady's claims are true about his autobiography,'containing maps, diagrams, lists, photographs and other documentary evidence'is being held by his solicitor he should hand this over to the police immediately."

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