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Knowsley's newborn lion cubs take step into limelight

Newborn lion cubs Jessica and Victoria Photo: Knowsley Safari Park

Two newborn female lion cubs are set to make their first steps into the limelight at Knowsley Safari Park.

The eight-week-old cubs have been named Jessica and Victoria in honour of the gold medal winners of Team GB.

The cubs weigh in at 12lb and are already as heavy as a fully-grown domestic cats.

Newborn lion cubs Jessica and Victoria Credit: Knowsley Safari Park

The cubs will spend a few more weeks with their mother Jasmine in a specially designed ‘suite’ and paddock, before being officially integrated into the pride.

The cubs have been in isolation since birth, but are now being slowly introduced to the bigger lions in the pride through a protective fence for their safety.

The cubs will be given a full health check Credit: Knowsley Safari Park

At nine weeks old the cubs will be given a full health check, vaccinations and be micro-chipped.

At 13 weeks old they will have their final jabs, and once they are vaccinated, strong and healthy enough they will be introduced into the pride to ensure the group accept the new additions to the family.

“We are always excited about new additions to the pride and watching their individual personalities develop.”

– Olly O’Malley, Lion Keeper at Knowsley Safari Park

For more information visit the Knowsley Safari Park website.

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